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Bee and Wasp Removal

Coral Gables

Miami-Dade County – 305-933-2337


Wasp Removal Coral GablesWasp Removal in Coral Gables

The original Willie the Bee Man will safely and quickly provide wasp removal on your Coral Gables property. We are licensed and insured and will do the job properly the first time. Wasp nests can grow rapidly, creating unsafe areas around houses or businesses. Fiercely protective of their homes, wasps will attack any perceived threat, including humans walking past the hive. You need to ensure the safety of your home, yard and even business property. We will completely remove the hive to reduce the likelihood of the wasps returning. Protect everyone’s safety by calling The original Willie the Bee Man of Miami Dade County at 305.933.2337 for efficient removal of wasps and their hives.

Trained Technicians

Our staff at The original Willie the Bee Man is trained to effectively remove unwanted bees or wasps from homes or businesses. If you suspect you have a wasp nest tucked in a corner of a fence or under an eave of your roof, don’t try to remove it yourself. Wasps are highly territorial and will band together to repel any threat to their home. Unlike bees, one wasp can sting numerous times. Attempting to dislodge a wasp hive on your own could lead to serious injury. When you call The original Willie the Bee Man, we will quickly dispatch our trained technicians to your home or business. We know the safest and most efficient methods of wasp removal in Coral Gables.


Complete Removal

Although some species of wasps build their nest out in the open, they are often hidden in the branches of a tree or even underground. The original Willie the Bee Man team will find the nest and remove it completely, eliminating any further problems with wasps. Some companies will simply spray the nest, but the spray often does not penetrate to the interior of the nest. Some wasps will survive and continue building the nest. In addition, the egg sacks are deep inside the hive. The surviving adults will tend the unscathed larvae and within a short period of time the hive will be back to full strength. This is why the hive must be removed entirely.

Prompt Service

At The original Willie the Bee Man, we know you want those wasps removed immediately. We guarantee prompt and courteous service. The safety of our customers is our first priority. Small children and animals are especially vulnerable to wasp attack and the risk of injury or even death from a wasp swarm is great. Therefore, we strive to answer your call as quickly as possible. Wasps are dangerous insects. Once a hive is discovered keep everyone away from the vicinity until our crew arrives. If you suspect there is a wasp hive lurking in your home or on your property, call The original Willie the Bee Man of Miami Dade County at 305.933.2337.