Chris S.

To bee or not to bee? That was the question. You see, a buzzing phalanx of industrious, sting-ey little bees moved into a nook in the roof of my house. My pregnant wife, in full-on nesting mode, was alarmed. The bees had to go.

I consulted the Oracle of Yelp where I was directed to contact Willie the Bee Man. I made the call and spoke with none other than the Bee Man’s daughter. Local and family-owned. Cool.

It’s strange to say, but the morning I spent with Aimee and Rafael, the bee people, was fascinating, educational, and hugely entertaining. They kept me informed about every phase of the project, pausing often to educate me about bee behavior and some of the science behind the hive that we were decimating.

I even got to don a nifty bee-keeper hat (smelled like honey) and hang out near the work.

When the big slabs of honeycomb, dripping with fresh local honey started coming out of my house, I was a wide-eyed kid seeing a new wonder of the world for the first time. The precise geometry of the combs, the wonderfulness of the delicate honey, and the coordination of the hive were astonishing to see up close. It was a darn shame to destroy such beauty, and I could tell that Willie the Bee Man feels the same way.

The service from Willie the Bee Man was fantastic. The usual stuff you hope for from a service company was all there. Smooth scheduling, straightforward communication, honesty, fair pricing, and top-notch work performed by true professionals.

Bottom line, Willie the Bee Man did a great job. They took care of the hive beautifully with minimal damage to my house. The pricing was more than fair. They were a joy to work with, and I walked away from the experience excited and more educated about honey bees. Highly recommended.

Chris S.