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West Palm Beach affords residents the opportunity to enjoy plenty of time in the outdoors, sunning, relaxing, entertaining and gardening. Although bees play an important role in pollinating garden fruits and vegetables, discovering one of their hives in your home or backyard can pose numerous risks to your safety and enjoyment of the great outdoors. Rather than consider removing a bee hive yourself and risk antagonizing a swarm of bees which could prove fatal, it is much smarter to hire the premiere bee removal specialist, exterminator in West Palm Beach, The Original Willie the Bee Man. Your first action after discovering a bee hive should be to call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337 and get the problem resolved by the most experienced professional bee removal in West Palm Beach service.

Bees Are Risky Business

Having a hive of bees develop anywhere on your property adds an element of risk every time you open your doors or windows. Bees can fly inside your house and get trapped there, becoming confused as well as aggressive, resulting in the potential for multiple bee stings. Bees outdoors not only cause pain and swelling with their stings, individuals with an allergy to bees suffer much more serious reactions and may end up needing emergency medical attention to prevent those reactions from proving fatal. Discovering an outside bee hive unexpectedly while children and pets are playing or adults are using gardening equipment can cause swift bee aggression as a swarm of multiple bees who feel they are under attack can cover an individual with multiple bee stings in a matter of seconds. However, bee hives can also be indoors in attics, garages, or even hidden deep inside walls where they can grow and sometimes contain over 100,000 bees.


DIY Bee Removal Is Foolhardy

Many a homeowner who saw only a few bees and decided he could handle a do-it-yourself bee hive removal operation soon discovers just how dangerous his overconfidence can prove. Although there may only be a dozen bees congregating outside the hive, there is the potential for hundreds or thousands of angry bees swarming out and attacking anyone disturbing the hive. In addition, a hive that may seem empty and easy to remove may in fact be fully occupied. A homeowner attempting this on his own soon discovers he has poked and prodded a live hive rather than one which has been abandoned.

Miami Man Found Dead Inside Home Full Of Bees

Reputation for Reliability, Experience

Our bee removal team is certified and insured to handle pest control and fully trained in knowing how and where to locate bee infestations and how to properly and completely remove them. We have been providing affordable bee hive extermination since before Africanized bees became a threat to our environment. As a licensed and insured bee exterminator West Palm Beach service, we are available for emergency exterminations of all sizes. We do a thorough job that includes removing the honey comb rather than just sealing up the comb and hive which can create future problems down the road. Our bee exterminator West Palm Beach methods are quick, thorough, and best of all effective, ensuring that you will have peace of mind and enjoy your home and property again without threat. If you need bee or wasp removal in West Palm Beach, call The Original Willie the Bee Man right now at 561.571.2337 for quick action from our licensed professional bee removal experts.