Fast, efficient, professional Bee Removal

Fast, efficient, professional, not sure if it’s the best price but I went with them because of the great reviews. When I called, I was told all about how they remove bees and why it is necessary to remove the beehive too. I made an appointment for the next day.
Adrian called me and arrived 45 minutes later. He accessed the situation as we talked about how wonderful bees are….except when they make their home right next to my front door! So, unfortunately since he would have to break into my wall, the hive would get contaminated with concrete and the bees would die. He reluctantly explained that the best method was to kill them. He suited up and in about 10 minutes, he had the honeycomb! He made it look so easy!
Adrian was really nice as he talked about his love for nature and how I could make a beeswax candle. He cleaned up and flew off!



Carolyn F. Miami, FL