Wasp Removal Sunrise

Wasp Removal SunriseWasp Removal in Sunrise Requires Specialized Training

In their natural habitat, wasps are beneficial insects because they help pollinate plants and eat pests. However, when they are in or around your home they can become a dangerous pest. Wasps can be aggressive and their stings are extremely painful. If you need wasp removal in Sunrise you are strongly advised against attempting the job yourself.  Multiple stings could put you in the hospital. Instead; in Sunrise call the Florida wasp expert, The Original Willie the Bee Man at 1-855-5 No BEES (66 2337). We will provide you with a written estimate to do the work and will quickly and efficiently make sure your wasps are gone for good.

Wasps and Humans

Having a wasp colony in your backyard is scary. Wasps often make their nests near humans. Common places for wasps to build a nest include: trees, shrubs, sheds, barns, attics, around garbage and compost bins, and in any cool, dark cavities in your house. Wasps are active in the day, and if you accidentally cross their path they may consider you a threat and sting. When you are stung by a wasp, you are injected with a pheromone signaling other wasps to continue stinging.


Attempting to destroy or remove a wasp nest on your own is dangerous and likely to be very painful. Even if you stand back and spray the nest with water or wasp killer, it is unlikely that you will succeed in a total kill and the wasps that are not incapacitated will fiercely attack to defend their home. Plus, chemical wasp killers are harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones. If the nest is enclosed in a wall or crevice, it is nearly impossible to eliminate all the wasps without the help of a professional. If you try to excavate or remove parts of your home to get to the nest, you will not only damage your home, but you are also likely to be severely attacked.

Call the Florida Expert – The Original Willie the Bee Man

Your home should be your haven. If you need wasp removal in Sunrise, Willie the Bee Man is the the best person to call. We have over 18 years of hands on experience with all kinds of bees and wasps. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured; and stay educated on the latest bee and wasp removal techniques. We have the experience and know-how to remove wasps from your home or business safely, quickly, and inexpensively.

Save money, time, and stress by calling me, The Original Willie the Bee Man, at 1-855-5 No BEES (66 2337), to take care of your wasp removal in Sunrise, Florida.