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Finding the Best Bee Exterminator

The presence of a nearby beehive or wasp nest can ruin time spent in your garden or the patio. The original Willie the Bee Man can help you take back you outdoor space. William Sklaroff, The original Willie the Bee Man, began his hobby of beekeeping and became registered 18 years ago. He was often called upon by people who needed to have beehives and swarms moved from their properties. Eventually, The original Willie the Bee Man left his job as a kindergarten teacher in Miami and began working with bees full time. Today’s Original Willie the Bee Man staff includes members of the Buzzy Dozen and their fleet of nine vehicles, which they use to arrive at the scene of bee-related emergencies and other situations that require their expertise around the State of Florida. Buzz us in Coral Gables at 305.933.2337 today.

Its Important to Remove the Entire Beehive

With the migration of the African “killer” bee to the Southeastern United States, having an unwanted beehive is potentially more dangerous than ever. In addition to the hazards honeybees pose to people who live on or around the property, property owners may be held liable if they fail to hire professional bee removers to eliminate the hazards a hive can bring to visitors as well as people who reside on the property. We provide professional advice and will conduct a thorough analysis to give you an accurate free estimate for your situation. Our bee exterminator in Coral Gables can help you do your part to reduce the risk of your neighbors and loved ones being stung by bees.

Wasp Removal can Involve Underground Nests

Like bees, wasps are stinging insects that can build their nests in the structure of homes and commercial buildings and in areas nearby. These insects become aggressive when they sense that their home and safety may be threatened; therefore they have the potential to attack people and pets. Wasps should not be allowed to settle in areas that are frequented by people. In the event that a wasp nest is discovered on your property, we can safely remove the nest and its associated hazards. We’ll use our years of experience and knowledge to successfully locate and remove the nest so that it will not be rebuilt. We are also approved by OSHA and will perform the job safely while wearing our approved apparel and facial protection.

Call Willie to Get Rid of Bees Today

The original Willie the Bee Man is qualified to assist you when you need an effective bee exterminator in Coral Gables. Using chemicals or knocking down a hive yourself can make matters worse and less safe for you and your loved ones. Our method involves moving the beehive away from your property and relocating it in a manner that is environmentally friendly. Although bee elimination may seem straightforward, there are often more bees present than you may see. Furthermore, using methods that kill bees can negatively impact crops. In the interest of maintaining the safety of your property while having the smallest negative impact on the ecosystem as possible, it is best to call the professionals at The original Willie the Bee Man. Contact us at our Miami Dade County location at 305.933.2337