Wasp Removal

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Wasp RemovalProfessional Wasp Elimination Services
When it comes to stinging insects, they can become potentially dangerous pests when they make their homes near your residence or business. At The Original Willie the Bee Man, we are bee and wasp removal specialists and can eliminate wasp nests, beehives and all other flying insects that sting. In the warm South Florida climate, wasps thrive all year and multiply themselves rapidly. If you have wasps, or bees on your property that need to be removed, call on Florida’s most experienced professional; The Original Willie the Bee Man. We will provide fast service at an affordable price when you call us today at 1-305-9 No BEES (33 2333) and schedule your free estimate.

Dangerous Insects Not Welcome at Your Home

When out in nature, wasps carry on their role in helping to keep nature in balance. They hunt and feed on other predatory and parasitic insects. Almost any moth or insect that is considered a pest is a main food source for at least one wasp species. Still in spite of their usefulness in the natural world, they present a hazard when they build their nests on homes and other buildings where they can come in contact with people. They may feel threatened by the presence of people or pets, and may sting in defense of their homes. These insects should not be welcomed to build under your front steps, in eves near your front door or any of your windows. Wasps should not be where they can potentially sting your family or employees.

Removing the Source of the Threat

If you have discovered that you have a bee or wasp problem on your property, you should not attempt to remove it on your own. Proper removal of bees and wasps requires training, experience and specialized equipment. At The Original Willie the Bee Man we have years of experience locating bee or wasp nests and completely removing them so they do not reappear. We have the OSHA approved apparel and face protection, and the tools and equipment that are needed to safely do the job properly.


Call The Original Willie the Bee Man for Safe Wasp Removal
When you discover a bee or wasp problem on your property, get a professional wasp removal technician that is licensed, bonded and insured for your own protection. The Original Willie the Bee Man is the undisputed authority in the South Florida wasp removal industry. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man for all bee and wasp removal services at 1-305-9 No BEES (33 2333). We will promptly come to your home or business, provide you with a free estimate and professionally complete the job. All of our services are done with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.