Beehive Removal is NOT a do it Yourself Job

Bee Hives Can Pose a Dangerous Threat

Bee HivesBees play an important role in nature by pollinating flowers and crop plants. Unfortunately, they also carry a protective mechanism that gives them the ability to sting and even kill humans. If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you know that it hurts and that the area bitten will probably swell up. If you are allergic to the venom from a bee sting, the consequences are even worse. Breathing difficulties can quickly occur and require immediate medical attention. So what should you do if you discover a beehive on your property and want the hive completely removed? Since there’s many dangers involved in beehive removal, it’s recommended that this job be handled by a licensed professional.

Hiring a Professional Company Removes Risk

Using a professional beehive removal company eliminates a number of risks and ensures that the job gets done in a safe and expedient manner. Licensed professionals have the experience to identify certain bees that may be more aggressive than others. While all bees pose a threat of attacking with a stinger, certain species such as the Africanized bee are more likely to become aggressive if an individual is near their hive. In certain cases, a beehive can be removed and relocated to another area where the bees provide a beneficial aspect in the lifecycle of plants. Also, another reason why you should hire a professional company for beehive elimination is that it reduces the use of insecticides that may cause more harm than good. Used improperly, insecticides can pose a threat to adults, children and pets.

Bee Exterminators Have Training and Experience

Professional bee exterminators have specialized equipment that they use to eliminate hives. They are also trained in using their equipment in dangerous areas such as roof lines or up in trees. In these locations, there is no escape from a swarm of bees, and a fall from areas high in the air could cause serious injury that is worse than just getting stung. There’s a reason why a professional company is bonded, licensed and certified in removing hives. It’s not a job for the do-it-yourself amateur that thinks the job is easy.

Leave This Task To A Specialist

The longer you wait to tackle a beehive problem, the more damage and expense you could be creating. By waiting, it provides an opportunity for more bees to join a hive and increase their numbers to a more dangerous level. Removing bees is a specialized task that requires experience, proper equipment and training. If you are a property manager or homeowner, you will have to make the decision to contact a beehive removal service in west palm beach. If you have any questions and would like to discover how Willie the Bee Man can eliminate your wasp, hornet or bee problems, call 305-504-8020.

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