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William (The Original Willie the Bee Man) Sklaroff became a bee hobbyist and registered beekeeper over 22 years ago. People who had bee problems would call him to remove swarms and hives from their residential and commercial properties. Initially, The Original Willie the Bee Man,Bee Removal Specialist did bee removal after teaching kindergarten at Martin Luther King Elementary School in Miami. Subsequently, bee removal became a full-time occupation, and today The Original Willie the Bee Man‘s staff consists of The Buzzy Dozen and 5 vehicles resolving bee problems throughout the State of Florida. As Africanized Bees were becoming problematic, The Original Willie the Bee Man flew to California for intensive training, and on May 14, 2004, The Original Willie the Bee Man became the 1st Florida bee removal specialist to be awarded Certification as an EXPERT in the control and removal of Africanized Honey Bees. He subsequently became a member of Florida’s Africanized Honey Bee Task Force. The Original Willie the Bee Man and his family-owned and family-operated company are thoroughly committed to education. Willie enjoys teaching other pest control operators through the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida(which he is a Board member), educating children via career days and in-class presentations, girl scouts/boy scouts and holding bee safety programs for Florida Power and Light, Home Inspector Association of South Florida (HIASF), Gold Coast Association Of Code Enforcement “G.C.A.C.E”, homeowners associations, and myriad community groups. Featured on National Geographic TV’s “Animal Extractors”, is also spokesman for Haagen-Dazs whose program, “Help the Honey Bees,” in increasing public awareness of the value of bees.

Bee Safe

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue ~ Venom Response Bureau Presents “Bee” Safe PROTECT YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, HOME AND PROPERTY FROM BEES AFRICANIZED AND EUROPEAN HONEY BEES Africanized bees are becoming well established in the wild population of honey bees in Florida. The Africanized bee appears identical to European honey bee. Neither species is native to the United […]

swarms of bees

It is Fall so, of course, Bees are doing it again … swarming…here in Florida, all year Swarming occurs several times per year here in Florida because of the favorable weather and the myriad locations in which bee hives can be secure.  During swarm season, each hive splits when a new queen is born; the old […]

This guidance advises firms on the proper labeling of honey and honey products to help ensure that honey and honey products are not adulterated or misbranded under sections 402 and 403 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act) (21 U.S.C. 342 and 343).