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Wasp Removal Fort LauderdaleWasp stings and bee stings are not the same, but many people think so. Also, all wasps are not the same. Knowing the type of wasps that are found near your home can help you and the exterminator. Different wasps will require different techniques to eliminate the nests. Wasp stings could be serious, so if you have been stung by a wasp, proper medical treatment is recommended. If you have a wasp or bees nest on your Tamaracproperty, call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947. BEES (2337) for fast removal. The Original Willie the Bee Man is a wasp removal in Tamarac expert, and his licensed technicians are bonded and insured for safety.

Wasp removal Fort Lauderdale professionals like The Original Willie the Bee Man understand how to handle all wasp problems. However, to get the task completed as fast and efficiently as possible, it helps to understand what type of wasps you have. The most common issue people have is determining if they have wasp or bee problems. An insect that has a long thin body with a thin, pinched waist and a black coat is called a Vespidae wasp. Common wasps have these features, but the color design on the wasp helps distinguish the type of wasp. For example, the paper wasp has orange legs, and its tail has orange rings. Another wasp that has orange legs is called the yellow jacket. However, the yellow jacket has a bright, orange color that is almost solid. Another kind is the bald-faced wasp, which is all black and has yellow legs with a light yellow tip on its tail. Each of these wasps has generally the same nesting locations. However, each of the wasps behave differently. You need a wasp removal Tamarac expert like The Original Willie the Bee Man to be sure that the nest is properly and completely removed.

Wasp Behavior

Vaspidae wasps have an aggressive behavior. These wasps have one motive, and the motive is to protect the home and the queen. They give people a warning if they come to close to their nest. The least aggressive wasp, however, is the paper wasp. Their nest is about the size of a thumb. If you find an umbrella-shaped nest, it is a yellow jacket nest. This nest is large and can contain over 1000 yellow jackets. Yellow jacket nests are very dangerous because the wasps generally join together when danger is near. The most dangerous wasp, however, is the bald-faced wasp due to its stinger. Its stinger can break through protective clothing. Their nests are commonly found in trees and shrubs, and their nest is designed like a large cone.

During the summer time, it helps to understand how wasps behave because it can help you keep your family safe. Avoid any products that have sugar, such as sodas, while outdoors because sugar will attract wasp travel in the area. After a wasp stings, the stinger will be gone. However, they can still sting over and over again. This is not good for anyone who may be trapped near a wasp nest. Some nests are easy to spot, but some nests can be hidden in walls or in the ground. Repeated stings can be a huge concern, and this is why knowing the type of wasps you have on your property is important. Wasp removal Tamarac professionals The Original Willie the Bee Man and his team of licensed technicians will quickly and economically eliminate your wasp problem. Call them right now at 954.947. BEES (2337) to keep your family safe from wasp nests.