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Bee Exterminator in Hillsboro Beach

In Hillsboro Beach, if you are alarmed by the presence of a growing storm of bees on your residential or commercial property, then you urgently need a bee exterminator. The Original Willie the Bee Man is one of the most experienced bee exterminators in South Florida and will get the job done right the first time. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man now at 954.947.2337 and get rid of bees on your property.

While you may be good at a lot of do-it-yourself projects, you do not want to get involved in removing bees or wasps yourself. This is a dangerous job that requires the skill of an expert. Bees are complex insects that create large honeycombs, and they cannot be ignored because bee stings can result in hospitalization or even death.

Bee Removal

Removing bees is not an easy task. It is tricky; and without the right equipment and experience it is nearly impossible. While you may only see a few bees diving in and out of a hole in a wall or roof, what may be hidden is hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of bees working to establish their colony. In fact, many of our clients are often shocked to discover—when the cavity is finally opened and the honeycomb exposed—that there may be from 50 to 100 lbs. of honeycomb built up over a period of time.

The Original Willie the Bee Man’s Experience

William Sklaroff is The Original Willie the Bee Man. He was a bee hobbyist who registered as a beekeeper about 18 years ago. His reputation spread as someone who could help with bee problems. Willie began visiting homes and offices to remove hives. Initially, he provided this service after a full day of work as a kindergarten teacher in Miami. However, word of his unique skill at removing bees quickly spread, and what was a part-time hobby became a full-time career. Today, The Original Willie the Bee Man has a large staff of professionally trained and certified bee exterminators in Hollywood, and nine vehicles throughout South Florida that help his clients quickly and efficiently get rid of bees.

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When dealing with a bee problem; do not attempt to do it alone. Bee removal is not an easy task, and it requires considerable knowledge and skills to open a cavity in a building, isolate the hive, and remove the massive honeycomb. If one is not properly protected or clumsy in one’s approach, what might have appeared a routine handyman’s task can quickly turn into a medical nightmare? If you think you have a bee problem and need a bee exterminator in Hillsboro Beach call The Original Willie the Bee Man right now at 954.947.2337.