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Bee Exterminator in Parkland

Most people think of bees as flying insects that buzz around shrubs and flowers, but when they invade your home, they can cause damage and pose a serious health threat. The Original Willie the Bee Man has over 18 years of experience as a bee exterminator in Parkland and is considered by many to be the South Florida bee expert. If you have a bee problem and need a bee exterminator in Parkland call The Original Willie the Bee Man at


Bee Stings can be Deadly

Unwanted and uncontrolled bees are an ongoing threat to your family, employees and pets, which also can be attacked. There was a case in Florida recently where the family dog died after a swarm of bees attacked it. The bees were from an undetected bee hive behind a garage wall in the backyard.

if you think that you might have a bee’s nest or beehive on your property, The Original Willie the Bee Man will find it and properly remove it. Signs of an undetected nest may include wood with drilled holes, or several bees or wasps flying in a pattern to a certain area.

The Original Willie the Bee Man will get rid of all kinds of bees and make sure that they are permanently gone. Our staff, which we refer to as the Buzzy Dozen, can also handle any size wasp nest. Wasps are particularly difficult because they like to build their nests in out of the way spaces making them harder to locate and to remove.

Don’t Try this Yourself

The first thing many people do when they come across a hive is to try to kill the colony by spraying water or chemicals on it. This is a mistake. That doesn’t kill most of the bees; it only makes them angry. Then, they come after you because they want to defend their hive. Even if you do kill some, most will escape and rebuild. This is why you need a professional bee exterminator who has the right tools, equipment and training to handle the problem correctly.

Our Experience and Certification

The Original Willie the Bee Man began bee removal as a part-time job more than 18 years ago. Since then, it has grown into a large family-owned and operated business covering most of Florida. We have nine trucks to promptly respond to your call.

Additionally; The Original Willie the Bee Man is one of the few bee exterminators in Parkland that has a certification in controlling Africanized bees. Africanized bees have been a growing problem in the United States for several years. The Original Willie the Bee Man received intensive training in 2004 and was the first bee exterminator in Florida to receive this type of certification. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.2337. He is the most experienced and well trained bee exterminator in Parkland