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Bees are an important part of pollination, not to mention the production of honey, but in or around your home they can be a painful nuisance. Especially if you have children, pets, or are allergic, a colony of bees is dangerous. The best and quickest way to achieve safe and effective bee removal in Bal Harbour, Florida is by calling me, The Original Willie the Bee Man at 305.933.2337.

Beware the bee sting

There are over twenty-thousand different types of bees found all over the world. However, honey bees are the only species that die after stinging. This is because the stinger and poison sac is attached to the bee’s stomach, which ruptures as the stinger pulls away. The majority of bees can and will continue stinging whoever they consider a threat to their hive. Even if the bees seem non-aggressive at first, living in close proximity to a hive will lead to inevitable conflict. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man for a free estimate if you need bee removal in Bal Harbour.


Bee nest building

Different types of bees may affect different parts of your home, and all will fight fiercely to defend their nest. Carpenter bees chew individual tunnels, up to ten feet long, into wood. Bumblebees generally nest underground, but they may choose to build nests around decks or patios or under roof beams. Bumblebees will chase an invader a long ways, and the pain of their sting may last for days. Honeybees prefer to nest in trees but may choose an attic or chimney as a nesting site. Honey bee colonies can be huge, sometimes reaching over one hundred pounds of honeycomb. The Original Willie the Bee Man has the training, experience and equipment to effectively remove any kind of wasp or bee in Florida.

Remove bees immediately

Bee removal in Bal Harbour, Florida needs to be done promptly to prevent the hive from growing and getting out of control. Not only could the bees pose a danger to you but, those visiting your home are even more likely to be considered a threat. If a child gets stung while on your property, the fault is yours. If the parents decide to sue, you could be looking at a whole lot more than the cost of an exterminator.

Invest in the best Bee Removal Specialists

Bee populations can be very large and their hives quite extensive. If they have decided to make their home within yours, a lot of labor and some deconstruction may be needed to remove them. To ensure that all bees are removed, it is often necessary to open the cavity in which the bees are living, whether your foundation, roof, or walls. It is imperative that the company you choose be licensed and insured, to ensure that damage to your home is minimal. A professional company will have the expertise and up-to-date knowledge to complete the work quickly and properly.

Choosing the right exterminator will ensure that the job is done right the first time and that you, your family, and friends can continue feeling safe and comfortable in your own home and yard. If you have a bee problem, call 305.933.2337 and put my experience to work for you.