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Bees and wasps can be more dangerous than you think. Unbelievably, there are over 20,000 different types of bees in the world and approximately 4,000 varieties in the United States. When bees decide to make your home or business their home you need an expert like The Original Willie the Bee Man. Do not try to remove bees yourself as it can mean an emergency trip to the hospital. For fast and professional bee removal in Biscayne Park, call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 305.933  BEES(2337).

Regardless of the type of bee or wasp; if you have them living on your property, in your home, or place of business they can be an extreme danger to everyone around including pets. Do not try to remove bees yourself; call the licensed, bonded and insured professionals at The Original Willie the Bee Man.


Expert Knowledge

The Original Willie the Bee Man has over 18 years of experience and an extensive base of knowledge regarding bees and wasps. The Original Willie the Bee Man studied bees as a hobby and began exterminating bees on a part-time basis, which grew into a full-time business which now has nine fully equipped vehicles to help you with bee removal in Biscayne Park and all of South Florida.

Locating and Removing a Beehive

Sometimes bee or wasp hives are not obvious. Most of the time they are built in tucked away places including, in-between walls and between the ceiling and your roof. There are not always tell-tail signs of bee infestation, but most of the time you will just see a few bees coming and going. Homeowners who see small drill holes in wood along door trim or the roof line could have carpenter bees. An unknown buzzing sound could mean that wasps have built a nest inside of the wall. If you see several bees or wasps flying in a pattern around a certain area, there is potentially a nest nearby.

Call The Original Willie the Bee Man Today.

Bee removal is tricky. There could be thousands of bees in a hive and sometimes it’s hard to tell how long they’ve been building. Here, at The Original Willie the Bee Man we will safely handle your bee hive removal while staying out of harm’s way. In Biscayne Park, if you have or even think you have a bee or wasp problem on your property, call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 305.933.-2337 for fast, safe and complete removal.