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Bee Removal WellingtonWillie the Bee Man for Bee Removal

We are experts on wasp and bee removal in Bryant, Fla., with extensive knowledge in the humane treatment of stinging insects. If you hear buzzing sounds in a building’s walls or attic, then calling The Original Willie the Bee Man immediately at 1-855-666-2337 is the best plan. Insects are everywhere in our geographic area due to our hot climate. Honeybees and wasps are an important part of our ecosystem by helping crops to grow. However, stinging insects are a life threatening pest for many sensitive individuals. If you are allergic to wasp or bee venom, then having nests and hives removed from buildings quickly is imperative. Many exterminators refuse to assist with beehive removal due to the dangers of stings.

Hire an Expert Bee Removal Specialist

In addition to hearing buzzing sounds in a building, you may notice stinging insects hovering around crevices near windows, roof eaves or clothes dryer vents. Stinging insects want to find a hollow space near your home to build a nest or hive to lay eggs to breed a new generation. In the past, bees and wasps could easily find natural habitats to build a living area. Today, these stinging insects encroach on human habitats including buildings and automobiles. It takes an expert exterminator such as The Original Willie the Bee Man to remove beehives and wasp nests without anyone receiving an injury. I have spent many years learning about stinging insects making us one of the best wasp and bee exterminator in our area.

Save Stinging Insect Species

The Original Willie the Bee Man enjoys humane wasp and bee removal in Bryant, Fla., instead of using destructive sprays and traps. I want to save honeybees and wasps necessary for our environment’s survival by using efficient beehive removal methods. I have spent years learning and understanding the different species of stinging insects in order to save bees and wasps from extinction. My goal as a wasp and bee exterminator is getting rid of the pests from automobiles and buildings without harming the insects when possible. I know many wasp and bee species are beneficial to humans by helping to pollinate plants such as flowers and shrubs. Instead of using store-bought traps and sprays that cause stinging insects to attack, call The Original Willie the Bee Man.

Avoid Dangerous Sting Injuries

If you need bee removal in Bryant, Fla., from a licensed and insured professional that is ready to assist homeowners and property managers then contact The Original Willie the Bee Man at  561.571.2337   You should never attempt beehive removal with amateur methods due to the risk of injury. Many species of stinging insects have become more aggressive when approached by humans. Several types of bees and wasps will swarm to chase people while viciously stinging on the arms, legs and face. The Original Willie the Bee Man has the correct equipment and protective garments to get rid of bees without incurring an injury. I am a bee exterminator who also knows about the best wasp removal methods from a building, outdoor area or automobile.