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Bee Removal WestonExperienced Technicians for Bee Removal

When bees are in the wild, they build their beehives in trees, hollowed out logs, and other somewhat secluded spots. One colony or beehive can house thousands of bees. However; when the bees come out of the wild and build their beehives on your property or in your home the result can be disastrous. If you have a bee’s nest in a close proximity to your home, you are strongly advised to leave it alone and immediately contact a professional who is trained for bee removal in Weston. The Original Willie the Bee Man is a Florida bee expert who has been featured on the National Geographic channel. Willie and his large team of professionally trained and certified bee removal technicians can quickly and efficiently resolve your bee or wasp problem. Call them today at 561.571.2337 to get an estimate for your bee removal in Cypress Lakes.


The Reasons for a Bee Removal

Removing bees effectively requires training, education and lots of hands-on experience.  Several important steps are required for proper removal. Even if the bees are no longer present, getting rid of the hive and honeycomb is still important. Bees have a strong sense of smell that will attract them to old hives. Wherever they detect honey, they will try to repopulate themselves. A small opening in a patched up spot that has been vacated by a previous bee infestation is a perfect place for new bees to build a hive. The scent will also attract rodents, causing them to become pests when they seek out the honey. Also, if honey is not handled properly by bees, it can melt and cause damage to internal parts of the building.

The Importance of a Proper Removal

To remove bees permanently, it is important to remove the entire hive including any lingering smell or odor. Sometimes, people call us asking to remove the odor of a nonexistent hive. The bees detect the odor and return a few months later. Pulling out dozens of pounds of honeycomb is not guaranteed to remove the entire odor. At The Original Willie the Bee Man, we know how to remove the hive and deodorize the area thoroughly. We have all of the specialized tools and equipment that are necessary to do a complete job.

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An effective bee removal involves prevention. The Original Willie the Bee Man uses preventative techniques to minimize the reentry of bees. We seal holes and gaps to block the re-colonization of bees. We place screens on chimneys and air vents without causing blockages. Bee proofing is needed to stop the problem from occurring over and over. The bees and rodents are not harmed, and our clients feel safer in their homes. There is a solution for every bee problem regardless of how large or small. For professional bee removal in Cypress Lakes, contact The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337