Bee Removal Expert

Bee Removal Expert

The Original Willie the Bee Man is the Bee Removal Expert

Bees are a real and dangerous threat to those unprepared to handle a bee infestation. However; The Original Willie the Bee Man has you and your problem covered. With 18 years of beekeeping and expert bee removal experience, Willie and his family-owned and operated business has extensive knowledge on safely removing bees. At The Original Willie the Bee Man, we understand the danger that bees present to the health and well being of a family when left untreated. This is why we provide the best quality service and help, to protect your home. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man now at 305-933-2337 for a free estimate and an analysis of your bee removal requirements.

An Experienced Bee Removal Expert

The Original Willie the Bee Man is known throughout South Florida as a bee removal expert. For many years, home and business owners have relied on us to assist them with their bee infestation issues. The most important attribute that we possess is specialized knowledge of beekeeping and beehive removal. We have been to California for training where the Africanized honeybees or “killer bees” were first discovered in North America. We are licensed, bonded and insured to safely remove bee hives and often will relocate them in the wild so that the bees can survive and do their intended job for nature.

Understanding the Threat

The vast variety of bees existing in the Florida area is tremendous, and we are knowledgeable on the removal of each type. As your local bee removal expert, we understand that this is a threat you should not handle yourself, and we are prepared to safely take action to protect you and your loved ones. The best way to remove a bee infestation is to remove its hive. Generally known to inhabit thousands of bees, most hives are located in hidden areas for protection from intrusion. Africanized bees, more commonly known as killer bees and wasps are known for their aggressive behavior. As a result, immediate removal of these bees and beehives is the recommended action to take. Only an expert bee removal service like The Original Willie the Bee Man can guarantee complete bee elimination.


Call Willie the Bee Man Today

We are here for you! As a family-owned business, we strive to make you feel like family as well. We understand and appreciate the beauty of bees and their natural process. We also understand that when these creatures become a threat, you need proper and efficient bee removal. The Original Willie the Bee Man and our family of professional technicians take pride in our abilities as bee removal experts. You can depend on our professional services, whether you’re specific problem is due to bees, wasps, or Africanized bees, we are here for your safety. Please, call us today at 305-933-2337 for your free estimate.