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Do you have a bee problem around your property? Want to get rid of them quickly, but humanely? In the tropical area of South Florida, there are 316 bee and wasp species in Florida , including the now infamous Africanized killer bees. Trying to remove these vermin yourself could carry a significant danger, so why not phone an expert?  If you are in need of services for bee removal in Key Biscayne and want fast professional results, please call the Original Willie the Bee Man today at 305.933.2337.

Professional Removal by the Original Willie the Bee Man

When you have a dangerous level of wasp or bee population on your property, it may be time to thin the ranks a little! Trust our capable bee and insect experts to safely and easily remove your unwanted guests, any time of the year. With warm Florida weather preventing bee hibernation, unwelcome infestations can persist year round. This creates an unpleasant and dangerous eyesore as various different hives grow larger and become more dangerous. Keep your bee and wasp and hornet populations under control by using the best Floridian anti-insect enforcement team—The Original Willie the Bee Man’s crafty and well-trained Key Largo bee removal crew!

The Original Willie the Bee Man’s Group Has Extensive Experience

We are just the best in the business! The Original Willie the Bee Man’s fleet of bee removal specialists has been onsite in dozens of Florida counties, including Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami Dade County. They get the job done right, every time, and don’t wait for the problem to get worse before providing an estimate. Your bee removal needs in Key Largo are just a phone call away with this experienced gang ready to roll on your command. Whether its wasps, hornets or plain old honey bees which need to be smoked out and removed, Willie’s crew is on point to take care of the situation.

The Original Solution to Your Pest Problems!

Few insect removal specialists have the kind of manpower and know-how of Willie’s experienced pest control agents. We know the kind of danger and inconvenience a large wasp or beehive can produce, and we want to help you protect your property, pets and kids with the comprehensive and affordable bee removal Key Biscayne deserves. Don’t get injured or suffer allergic reactions just because there are a few stinging pests on your grounds: call Willie’s bee control and keep those buzzing invaders under control. Remember, if you need bees, wasps or hornets removed, help is just a phone call away!
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