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Beehive Removal KendallBeehive Removal by a Professional

Few insects and pests can be as intimidating to remove as wasps and bees. Entire hives and wasp nests can virtually form overnight, leaving people frightened for their pets, children, and any potential visitors who may suffer from allergies. However, there is no longer any need to stand in fear of these types of insects invading any area of your home. The original Willie the Bee Man is here to provide every solution that you need when it comes to beehive removal in Kings Point. Willie has built his business on sound service, friendly attitudes, and competitive prices on the best possible job. The professional experience that we have allows us to deliver guaranteed results when it comes to wasp removal and bee hive removal or relocation in South Florida. The next time you have an immediate need to get rid of bees, pick up the phone and call us at 561.571.BEES( 2337).

We are Professional Bee Exterminators

There is no infestation that is too large nor any bee and wasp problem that is too small for The original Willie the Bee Man. We are pleased just to be of service to residents who are our friends and neighbors. Our customers trust us, and we return that trust with top of the line service. We can deal with bees using a delicate touch when necessary, removing them from your property without causing the insect any lasting damage. Additionally, our beehive removal in Kendall service involves much more than just spraying. We do a thorough job, locating and handling every cavity that may contain further insects. All of our technicians are licensed and insured, making certain that you have the ultimate amount of protection for your home and your loved ones.

We Provide a Premium Level of Service

The original Willie the Bee Man is different from other companies of our kind due to the fact that we take the time to explain the situation to our customers. Our friendly staff outlines the type of insects that they are dealing with, the possible reasons for their presence, and how one might prevent further damage in the future. We can handle problems on any area of your property, including soffits, roofing, and walls. We continually improve our techniques for handling wasp and bee removal in addition to employing technicians who are continually improving their training and education in this area of study.

Giving Back

Our company is family owned and operated, allowing us to understand what dedication in our services means to you and your family. Part of our mission is education in addition to removing wasps and bees. In order to fulfill this mission, we work closely with the Pest Control Operators Association of Florida who spearheads a number of outreach programs that educate children during special events and through programs organized at public schools. We strive to serve our communities in every way possible, including pest control and outreach. Take back control of your home and expand your knowledge by contacting us at 561.571.2337.