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Recent news reports tell of a story where a swarm of bees attacked a dog and its owner in the backyard of a Plantation home. While the owner sustained minor injuries, the dog was killed in the attack. The homeowner was unaware of the beehive on his property. If he had; he could have avoided this tragedy by calling The Original Willie the Bee Man for beehive removal in Miramar at 954.947.BEES( 2337).

The Original Willie the Bee Man and his team of professionally trained technicians are all licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. They have the tools and equipment to get the job done properly the first time, and all of their work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Homeowners Need Help with Hives

Many bees and wasps create hidden hives in walls, garages, tall trees, under steps and in wooden eaves. Carpenter bees are known for drilling multiple holes in wood trim along doors or in roof overhangs to build their nests. Some of these nests can grow large quickly and house thousands of pests.

Although there are signs, like a buzzing coming from a wall or wasps flying in a patterned area in the evening, many people do not know they have a nest. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man if you suspect that you might have a problem.


The Original Willie the Bee Man Will Find the Nest

You cannot remove these nests without training because of the unknown number of bees or wasps. They will either escape to rebuild elsewhere, or attack you. Both bees and wasps are aggressive defenders of their nests. Homeowners need a professional bee exterminator like The Original Willie the Bee Man for beehive removal in Miramar.

Get Rid of Bees

The Original Willie the Bee Man began exterminating as a part-time job 18 years ago. It is now a large family run business with nine trucks to handle areas throughout South Florida, including beehive removal in Miramar. Our staff can safely remove even the largest of hives so you will no longer experience any problems. Additionally, The Original Willie the Bee Man has had training in dealing with Africanized bees, which have been a growing problem here in Florida. He was the first bee exterminator in Florida to receive credentials in this area and serves on the Florida Africanized Honey Bee Task Force.

Bees and Wasp Can Hurt

The Miramar story showed beehives can be dangerous for humans and pets. Not only can a person be allergic to stings, they hurt! The way to avoid stings is by removing the hive. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.BEES( 2337) today!