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Having unwanted bees on your residential or commercial property can be a nuisance. The safe removal of bees, wasps and other harmful insects requires plenty of patience and years of experience. The original Willie the Bee Man has provided his bee removal services to the residents of Wellington and surrounding areas for many years and is well-known around the community for his expertise in bee removal. If you are experiencing issues with a honey bee or any stinging insect infestation, contact The original Willie the Bee Man and his crew for the quick and safe removal of these harmful insects. Willie and his staff, known as The Buzzy Dozen, can be reached in Oakland Park 954.947.2337.

Call on Willie for Beehive Removal

Honeybees and beehives can be a major problem for home owners and business owners if they are found on the premises. With the migration of African killer bees to the US, honeybees can be more dangerous than ever. In order to remove bee hives successfully without endangering others requires a high level of expertise, practical experience and specialized equipment. In order to get the best advice and services for beehive removal in Oakland Park, call The original Willie the Bee Man today for a free estimate.

Seek Professional Assistance Right Away

As soon as you notice a bee hive on your property you should get in contact with The original Willie the Bee Man right away. By taking immediate action against the honeybees on your property, you will not only avoid dangerous situations, but also avoid potential lawsuits. You are liable for the bees that are found on your property, and if neighbors or customers get swarmed by honey bees, physical injury could occur. Save yourself from the stress and aggravation by taking care of the problem as soon as possible.

Eliminate the Mess Caused by Beehives

Honey is a natural result of beehives that can cause a mess on your property. This sticky substance can stain walls and any other surface that it comes in contact with. It can also attract other insects that will not leave the property until the problem is solved. Beehives are very complex structures which can make them difficult to remove. That is why it is imperative that you contact a professional bee hive removal company to assist you with all your honey bee issues.

The Original Willie the Bee Man is the Solution!

Call the original Willie the Bee Man for an easy and simple solution to all your insect issues. Willie and his team will come out and inspect the property and take care of your problem in a safe and secure manner. Do not let bees take over your home or business, contact The original Willie the Bee Man and the Buzzy Dozen today by calling our Oakland Park 954.947.2337