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Bee Exterminator KendallHere in South Florida where we have summer-like weather all year long, one problem that many homeowners discover is that a colony of bees has taken up residence in their home. Bees make their hives in high places where they are less likely to be bothered like under the eaves of a roof or inside cracks in the home’s exterior. Bee removal is a potentially dangerous job and is best left to a professional due to the danger of being stung by a swarm of angry bees. When looking for a bee exterminator in Palm Beach Gardens, the one to call is the original Willie the Bee Man. If you need prompt, professional bee removal services, call us today at 561.571.2337

Bee Removal is Not a DIY Project

While the occasional bee sting is unpleasant, being stung by several bees at once could be dangerous to a young child or someone who may be allergic to bee venom. When you have an active hive, the bees are very sensitive to loud noises or attempts to shoo them away and swarm the first person near them. This is why attempting to get rid of bees on your own is not a good idea. A professional bee exterminator is trained in proper bee hive removal without any danger to the family or pets.  It requires specialized equipment and the proper safety clothing to prevent injury.

Danger of Multiple Stings

Bee stings are very dangerous and can even be fatal to someone who is allergic as it causes anaphylactic shock. The throat swells up blocking the person’s airway and medical assistance is needed immediately. If you have never been stung it is best to avoid situations where it might happen until you know whether or not you are allergic. The danger with a hive is not just being stung by one bee, but being stung by a whole colony of bees if they decide to swarm. Without protective clothing you could suffer many painful stings or possibly end up in the hospital. Bee removal is not something to be attempted by anyone who does not have specific professional training.

Hire a Specialized Bee Exterminator

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and they provide a valuable service. Besides making honey, they help plants and trees grow. Without bees our vegetable and flower gardens would not grow because the bees provide a pollination service when they go from flower to flower collecting pollen. Sometimes it may be possible to relocate the bees without causing them any harm, and they can be released somewhere else to continue their work. Beekeepers are often able to relocate bees for the survival of the colony rather than exterminating them.

If you need to get rid of bees in  South Florida home, contact us at 561.571.2337. The original Willie the Bee Man, bee exterminator in Palm Beach Gardens, can solve your bee problems with just a call. We also do wasp removal in addition to bee hive removal. Call us today and quickly get rid of yourbees.