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While bees have been on a dangerous decline worldwide, beautiful Tequesta’s climate is ripe for their habitation and their hives could put you and your family at risk of stings and hospitalization. We at The original Willie the Bee Man offer rapid response to your bee problem and safe relocation of the insects. We appreciate what bees do for plant life and our society, but we understand the danger they pose to human habitations and we know the threat of bee’s nest when discovered at your work place. Buzz us now at 561.571.2337 in Palm Beach County for bee removal in Tequesta.

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An untrained person should never approach a colony of bees, especially without the proper protective gear. The hive you discover could be home to thousands of bees and could be only one of several bee habitations located on your property. Avoid suffering stings and the possibility of allergic reactions by contracting The Original Willie the Bee Man to assess and remove both bees and their hives from your commercial or residential property. Our technicians at The Original Willie the Bee Man are outfitted with OSHA approved equipment and apparel. We have nine vehicles dedicated to the removal and relocation of bee colonies. We go to work on resolving your bee infestation the moment you reach out to us for help.


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Whether they’re in their eaves or your hollows; we have the equipment and expertise to remove bees and wasps from your residential and commercial properties. We also offer counseling to help you develop a plan to put an end to recurring bee problems. We at The Original Willie the Bee Man are knowledgeable of the types of bees native to Boynton Beach and South Florida, and we understand how to remove and relocate each type. We understand the aggressive natures of wasps and Africanized bees, and only experts like us know how to eradicate the threat they pose. We’ve held a beekeeper’s license for over 18 years and our staff, the “Buzzy Dozen,” have been trained in California on Africanized bees and their nature. No bee infestation is too complex or minor for our technicians. No matter the type of bee, we’re equipped to remove the invasion quickly and professionally.

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Call our experts at the Original Willie the Bee Man the moment you discover bees, wasps, hives or nests on your property. Our family-owned operation is fully licensed, bonded and ensured. We’ll provide you with a free estimate of work required to rid your premises of bees and we’ll offer you a full break down of the services we’ll render to you. Call us now at 561.571.2337 for bee removal in Tequesta. Visit our website at, to learn more about our services and to begin filling out a work order form.