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Bee infestations occur on many commercial and residential properties in Florida. Agitated bee swarms may attack neighbors or pets, for which the property owner can be held responsible. Removal by inexperienced workers leads to improper elimination and remaining bee colonies. If you have a bee problem on your property, then you need the professional bee hive removal Fort Lauderdale services of The Original Willie the Bee Man right now. Call 954.947.2337 and a licensed, bonded and insured The Original Willie the Bee Man technician will come to your property to efficiently and economically eliminate your problem.

Many bee colonies are handled by beekeepers in managed hives, but wild colonies swarm in greater numbers outside. These bees may make a home in walls, eaves or soffits. They create nests that may leave honey behind. If bees are to be removed, the nest and honey should be removed entirely to avoid attracting newer colonies. Once they start building combs at a particular site, it becomes attractive to other swarms of bees. Bee swarms are often exacerbated by warm and moist weather. When these bees show up near homes and businesses they become pests. If proper pest control methods are not practiced, the treated areas can become infested again within a week’s time. While swarms may seem initially frightening, they are usually docile. However; this does not mean that a homeowner should attempt to remove them. Bee hive removal in  Lauderdale Lakes is dangerous work and should only be attempted by trained professionals like The Original Willie the Bee Man.

The African form of honey bee is spreading throughout the state of Florida after first being noted in 2002. Africanized honey bees can cause serious injury or death in attempting to protect themselves and their offspring. Up to 70 percent of wild honey bees in Florida could possess African genes. Initially, the bees may remain calm, but once younger bees are present in the comb the Africanized honey bee can becomes extremely defensive.

Except in the case of allergy, many bee stings can be harmless producing only pain in the affected area. If bees are spotted and not handled on a property, the owner may be responsible for any damages caused. Allergic passers-by, neighbors, children and pets are at risk for being stung.

Bee Removal Specialist

Homeowners should be cautious when hiring bee removal specialists. Many bee removal services are unlicensed, illegally performing these services. The Original Willie the Bee Man and each one of his technicians is fully licensed and insured. They have decades of experience in bee hive removal in Lauderdale Lakes and throughout the State of Florida. It is important to choose experts like The Original Willie the Bee Man who have apiary knowledge along with a license to practice pest control to ensure protection of the bee swarm.

The first step in bee removal is the proper identification of the insect and location of its nesting site. Next the expert must determine the correct treatment procedure. Lastly, the nest must be removed safely at the right time of day. Without the correct methods, an inexperienced exterminator may cause damage to the house while leaving bees behind.

While bees can be a nuisance, they are necessary for the ecosystem. Without properly managed honey bees, agriculture would suffer. The best way to remove unwanted bees is to enlist the expertise of The Original Willie the Bee Man who guarantees all of his work. If you have unwanted nests on your property, the licensed and insured experts at The Original Willie the Bee Man are waiting to help you. For bee hive removal  Lauderdale Lakes property call 954.947.2337