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Loxahatchee Groves


Get Rid of Bees Coral GablesWe Can Get Rid of Bees in Coral Gables

We understand the importance of bees in nature, but also do not want you to be in harm’s way if a swarm gets out of hand. If you see a group of bees collecting in one part of your yard, it is possible that you have a hidden beehive. Stay away from the area and look to the original Willie the Bee Man for fast service to get rid of bees in Loxahatchee Groves. We want you to be safe so it is critical that you call us at the Miami-Dade County phone number 561.571.BEES(2337) to get rid of bees  Loxahatchee Groves.

Locating the Heart of the Problem

We have years of experience finding bee hives. Although you may not think you have an issue, hives can be hidden in the strangest places, including chimneys and deep yard holes. When we arrive, you can point us to the general location where you see the bees, but you should stay away from the area. Florida does have some Africanized bee populations that are extremely aggressive. Once we find the bees, we form a plan to remove them. Wall cavity hives are especially difficult to remove, but we can neatly detach drywall to access the hive, if necessary. If the bees are up in a tree or other high area, we try to access the hive’s size from afar until we can suit up safely to approach the colony. Until we are able to remove your bees, keep all children and pets away from the area for safety.


How we Remove Them

With full-body protective wear, we locate the bee hive and slowly expose it, if necessary. Smoke equipment is often used to calm the bees during removal. It is critical to remove all the bees, honey and comb from the hidden area. Rot quickly takes over and creates an offensive odor that only attracts other pests, including rodents, if part of the hive remains behind. We do not use pesticides because of the bees’ importance in nature. Poisoning bees reduces their numbers in the wild. Bees pollinate flowers and contribute to our food supply. If bees died out significantly, for example, fruits and vegetables would quickly disappear globally.

Avoiding Another Invasion

We get rid of bees in Loxahatchee Groves by filling the open hive space with fiberglass insulation. Because of its durability, fiberglass fills the cavity for a long time, hindering any other bee colonies from populating the space. This cavity filling works well for interior walls. We simply clean and fill the space with insulation along with patching the drywall back into place. Outdoors, underground hives need to be filled with natural materials, however, so we shovel soil into the ground cavity to prevent further pest invasions. Cover the area with grass, or other actively growing plants, to populate the space with roots to further impede pest invasions.

Buzz us at 561.571.BEES(2337) for an on-site quote. Bee hives quickly grow in size, creating 100 pound honey reserves. They are too dangerous and heavy to remove on your own. The original Willie the Bee Man quickly removes the pests and gets your home back to normal