Get Rid of Bees Miami

Get Rid of Bees MiamiSpring is the time when flowers bloom and birds sing. This is also the season when it is common to see swarms of bees. Though some people may feel startled with such a view, it is nothing to be scared of since bees are only moving to a new quieter home after leaving their old nest. Unless they feel threatened, these bees are not likely to defend themselves and sting. However, this may not be the case with Africanized honey bees or any type of honey bees that run out of food. When these kinds of bees establish a colony in your home, you need professional services to get rid of bees in Miami. The Best way to go is to contact The Original Willie the Bee Man at 305.933.2337.

If you are aware that there is a colony of bees located in your property you are in an obvious dangerous situation. Bees can build nests in hidden areas of your property and become a danger to you, your children and pets. Additionally, if you have a bee, hornet or wasp nest on your property and you do not do anything about it, you may be held responsible for any harm that might result to your neighbors and their pets.

Bees can cause structural damage to your home or business property by removing the moisture barrier. While bees do not chew through metal or wood, they can start to cause problems after about a week of dwelling in a certain structure. Beehives easily expand when they move into a hollow wall and remove the moisture barrier as it grows larger and larger. This is why it is so important to immediately call The Original Willie the Bee Man to get rid of bees in Miami.

Hidden beehives can lead to dry-rot and mold. When bees are not able to cool the hive immediately or when a beehive dies inside a wall, these may eventually cause another kind of structural damage leading to dry-rot and mold. This will require costly repairs as the hot outer temperature tends to melt the hive and cause honey to ooze out and fall to remain on the wood studs underneath. This condition can also attract a host of other insect problems including wood destroying insects.

Get rid of bees in Miami to avoid wood damage.

Wax moths are also attracted to honey. They will try to enter beehives and dwell in places that have fewer bees. Then, they will eat wax and often hatch their eggs on the wood close to them. The larvae feed on the wood as it grows before feeding on the wax. The longer a hive stays, the more damage it will cause to the wood.

Finding Professional Services for Bee Removal

Some people may try to solve bee problems on their own, but this is not advisable since there is a proper way of dealing with this that only a professional contractor like The Original Willie the Bee Man is capable of. All these steps can only be done by a company with the proper equipment, licensing and insurance. This will ensure that the contractor has gone through the required education and training. They will be held accountable for whatever work they have done.

It takes several steps to removing bees in their entirety and the work is extremely dangerous. First of all, experts need to carefully inspect the location of bees and their hive. Next, once these are determined, they are eliminated. Then, they have to be removed immediately. Otherwise, they may cause costly damages. Lastly, to prevent future infestation of the bees, the affected area needs to be thoroughly cleaned and proofed.

Addressing the problems concerning bees does not only involve removing them but preventing their infestation in the future. The Original Willie the Bee Man is a reputable company that has years of experience in this industry and can effectively get rid of bees in Miami. If you need information regarding the process of bee removal, call us right now at 305.933.2337.