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When bees invade your property, it can be a hazard to your family and guests that visit your home. Bees are part of the insect family called Hymenoptera, and experts say there are more than 20,000 species of bees. If you find a find a hive around or inside of your home, do not attempt to remove it yourself. You need to call an expert with the right tools and equipment. To effectively get rid of bees in Okeelanta you are advised to call the Florida expert, The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.BEES(2337). Your estimate to make your property safe and bee-free is free!

Aggressive Bee Behavior

Bees can differ widely in their living habits. Some species are solitary, while other species live in complex social communities. Bees are natural protectors of their hive or nest.  When they feel threatened they can become agitated and in many cases extremely aggressive. Bees’ main ecological value is in their ability to help pollinate plants. They are critical to the reproduction and fruiting of many varieties of plants. Bees collect nectar from plants, and in return, they help to spread pollen that makes more plants. In their natural environment they are helpful; but when they make their home inside of yours they are extremely dangerous and that is when you need the services of The Original Willie the Bee Man.


Where Bees Hives Are Found

In the wild, bees will make their homes in hollowed out logs or high in the trees where they can feel safe. They tend to like warm dark spots. When bees find their way into your home to nest, they will usually find a spot inside of a wall, in an attic, or other out of the way place. On some occasions you will not see any bees at all, but you might hear a buzzing sound coming from inside of a wall. In other cases you might see just a few bees coming and going on a regular basis. Whatever the situation, you need to have a professional like The Original Willie the Bee Man evaluate and determine if you have a nest that needs to be removed.

Bees on Your Property

People often find large collections of bees that have made nests in bare patches of ground on their property. These nests can contain hundreds or thousands of bees at one time. Other people may notice bees flying in and out of crevices under the roof, around windows or around soffits. The bees may become a hazard to anyone entering or leaving the house. Sometimes, the bees disrupt outdoor activities on the patio or in the yard.

Get Rid of Bees in Okeelanta

Whether you are dealing with ground bees, bumble bees or more aggressive Africanized bees, you must change the conditions that make the area conducive to their habitation. Complete bee hive removal may be necessary. For these tasks, you need an experienced bee exterminator that can deal with these problems safely and professionally. To get rid of bees in Okeelanta, you can rely on The Original Willie the Bee Man to find the right solution. Call today at 561.571.BEES(2337) for a free estimate and professional bee removal.