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Get Rid of Bees Fort LauderdaleA bee infestation can be a challenge for a homeowner. While most of the time bees are not aggressive, if a pet or person interrupts them in their work, things can get ugly fast. Some homeowners may be tempted to take matters into their own hands and tackle a beehive removal themselves, but if you need to get rid of bees Royal Palm Beach and Royal Palm Estates, you need to call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571. BEES( 2337). The Original Willie the Bee Man and his team of trained and certified professionals have the expertise and specialized equipment that is required to tackle the job properly. Here is why you should call them now:

  • It’s impossible to distinguish a more docile European honeybee from an aggressive African honeybee just by looking. If you’ve got a bee infestation, chances are good that they are hybridized bees; these “killer bees” can be very dangerous to an unprepared homeowner. Once a hive is disturbed, honeybees will go to great lengths to protect their home and they can sting not only the person trying to eliminate the bees, but any unfortunate people who might be in the area.
  • Many homeowners try the spray-and-seal approach when they find a hole in their house with a beehive in the wall. They think enough spray will kill the bees and the sealant will keep them contained. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. Bees can live for four months trapped within the walls, and they are often able to break through the seal or create another exit for themselves after all, they got into the wall, so they can certainly get back out! More than one unlucky homeowner has thought his bee infestation was solved with a few cans of spray and a sealed-up hive only to find the bees have made their escape into the bedroom or living room of his home. With The Original Willie the Bee Man on the job you won’t have to take that chance.
  • Even if a homeowner has solved the immediate problem of the bee infestation, the rotting honey and melted wax can stain and damage internal structures of a building and act as a magnet for other unwanted pests and rodents. Without the professional expertise of The Original Willie the Bee Man, you may wind up just swapping a bee infestation for a roach or mouse infestation.
  • Very few homeowners have the knowledge and equipment to get rid of bees in Fort Lauderdale properly. By the time they’ve bought protective equipment, sprays, sealants, a bee smoker, a bee vacuum and all the other tools necessary to tackle an infestation, they’ve spent more money than if they’d called The Original Willie the Bee Man to take care of the problem in the first place. And chances are good that if the bees aren’t handled right the first time, the infestation will recur.

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If you have a honeybee or wasp infestation in your home, yard, garage or office building, you need a certified professional. Tackling the problem yourself can result in damage to your home and may be a danger to you and your family, pets and neighbors. Don’t take a chance. Get the job done right and get rid of bees Royal Palm Beach and Royal Palm Estates by calling the best; The Original Willie the Bee Man at 1-855-8 No BEES(66 2337).