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Wasp Removal Miami GardensThe original Willie the Bee Man is the South Florida leader for wasp removal in Miami Gardens. The scientific classification for wasp is hymenoptera. These are the social wasps that include species like yellow jackets, hornets and paper wasps. The average wasp colony can have up to 200 hundred “residents” waiting to swarm. Disturbing an underground hive of yellow jackets could unleash upwards of five thousand angry stingers. That is not something you want to deal with on your own. When you’ve got a wasp removal issue the only person you should reach out to is The original Willie the Bee Man. He is standing by to help at 1-855-5 No BEES (66 2337).

Wasps Build Large Nests

As you might imagine, the paper wasp gets its name from its favorite building material: wood pulp. They like to gather this pulp from any type of worn piece of wood such as an old fence, telephone pole and even your rafters. The wasp will take a bite out of the wood, chew it up to make a kind of paste. They then use this pulp paste to construct their home. When it dries, the pulp reverts back to its original form but now in the shape of a hornet’s nest. The experts working with The original Willie the Bee Man are trained and certified to locate those nests around your home, garage, shed and porches.

Living With Wasps can be Dangerous

The nests that the wasps are building are referred to as combs. Those would be the “rooms” that the wasps crawl into. Oddly enough, wasps don’t store any food in their rooms. This is because their menu favorites are things like bugs, flies and spiders. If they drag those meals home they could end up spoiling and ruining the home. Yes, this means wasps do all their dining outdoors. The wasps can also cover their combs with a thin layer of something that resembles paper. This keeps the temperature regulated and makes for some very cozy living. In other words, once the wasps have set up a nest they aren’t going anywhere and will require professional removal. This is when you need to call the original Willie the Bee Man for your wasp removal in Miami Gardens.

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Hopefully you’ve never been on the receiving end of a wasp sting. These are the insects natural defenses against would be threats and that includes you! What makes wasps especially nasty is that they can repeatedly sting in the same spot because they pull the stinger back and forth until they drive their “point” home. You should also know that when the wasps sting they are releasing venom. For humans who aren’t allergic that venom will cause minor irritation. For anyone else, it could be a serious health issue that could require emergency treatment or even hospitalization.  Don’t take chances by trying to remove wasps by yourself. Call The original Willie the Bee Man at 1-855-5 No BEES (66 2337) for safe wasp removal in Miami Gardens.