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Wasp Removal West Palm BeachJust one sting from a wasp is all you need to take action for wasp removal in West Palm Beach. Yellow jackets and hornets are members of the wasp family that can deliver a strong sting in an instant. The pain from the venom, which contains chemicals, can last for hours. Fortunately, most people suffer reactions that are not life-threatening, but they are extremely unpleasant. If you have a wasp nest or bee hive that needs to be removed, do not attempt this dangerous job yourself.  Buzz The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337 ( BEES) to protect your family from wasp stings.

Getting Stung by a Wasp

Nature equips wasps to disable their prey, but they are quick to use their defensive and protective adaptations to attack you as well. A sting happens so quickly that you are usually taken by surprise. Disturbing a nest is something you want to avoid at all costs, but most home and property owners are unaware of a colony of wasps until it is too late.

As soon as you realize that you are stung, you need to take immediate action. You can get some relief from a sting by applying ice as soon as possible. If you get stung on your hand and you wear rings, make sure to remove them at once. Watch for allergic reactions that affect about three percent of the population so that you can get medical care if you need it.

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Watching for Yellow Jackets

The colors on a yellow jacket resembles those on a honeybee, but yellow jackets are smaller and quicker. In flight, they move rapidly from side to side just prior to landing, but you usually do not have time to notice how they fly. A hole in the ground that is the size of a softball can contain a colony that requires professional wasp removal in West Palm Beach. Thousands of them can live in a group that poses the potential for harm to any child or adult who encounters them. The Original Willie the Bee Man has specialized equipment and is licensed, bonded and insured.

Yellow jackets defend their home with a high degree of aggressiveness, and stepping into a nest puts you at risk of getting many stings. They do not lose their stinger after they use it on you, and they do not die as a result. Until you get far away from their nest, you are a target.

Avoiding Wasps

The best way to avoid wasps is to have a professional service like The Original Willie the Bee Man remove them. The Original Willie the Bee Man is an expert and knows how to manage all kinds of wasps with effective eradication. You can make a serious mistake by underestimating the danger of dealing with wasps. Without the knowledge of their nesting habits or their identity, you will take on more than you can handle.

Experience in the eradication of stinging pests is one of the most important indicators of success, and has cleared infestations for many years. With five trucks and qualified technicians who are licensed and insured, he is ready to restore your home and property to safe conditions. His familiarity with all types of wasps assures you of the most effective pest removal service that is available anywhere. As soon as you get stung or detect wasps on your property, call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337 ( BEES)  for  wasp removal or bee removal in West Palm Beach.