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Wasp Removal DoralWasp and Bee Removal

With almost two decades in the business, The original Willie the Bee Man has seen virtually every type of bee, wasp, hornet, and other unwanted flying insects in Florida. Running a family business has enabled The original Willie the Bee Man to maintain his high standard of removal practices while preserving an honest, down-to-earth feel among all of his employees. Every customer is treated with respect, speed, and deference. We are a family run company wanting to keep you free from the danger of bees and wasps. For the finest wasp removal in Southwest Ranches, The original Willie the Bee Man should be your first call for bee and  wasp removal in Southwest Ranches. Call us at 954.947 BEES (2337).

Let Willie The Bee Man Take Care of Your Bee or  Wasp Removal in Southwest Ranches

Wasp removal is not a simple process. If you’ve ever tried to do it yourself, you know that approaching the hive is dangerous and frightening. The original Willie the Bee Man and his crew of trained stinging insect removal experts have years of experience safely and cleanly removing hives and other wasp nests. Completely removing the nest is critical and The original Willie the Bee Man understands how to cleanly extract wasps in a way that will keep you and your home safe from a future infestation. When The original Willie the Bee Man is finished removing a wasp’s nest, it is as if it was never there. No marks, stray wasps, or damaged property or foliage will result, preserving the security and beauty of your home.

We Remove all Types of Bees and Wasps

Honey bees are a vastly different story than wasps. Of course, to the untrained eye, there may not seem to be any significant difference in the removal process. However, the aggressive nature of a wasp, as opposed to the relatively placid nature of a honey bee, significantly complicates the removal process. The original Willie the Bee Man and his crew understand exactly how to approach a nest so that no one is hurt, and the wasps are removed cleanly and efficiently. Amateur bee removal companies may not understand how to defend themselves against the aggressive wasps, and as a result will quickly exacerbate the hive instead of placating it. Our years of experience have enabled us to identify the precise type of wasps we are dealing with, and quickly sedate them before removing the nest.

Call us Today for Wasp Removal in Southwest Ranches

If you spot a nest in your backyard, do not let it fester. Other insect removal companies that do not specialize in bees and wasps may make you wait for several days or weeks, depending on their schedule. Luckily, The original Willie the Bee Man understands the urgency of the situation, and is ready to respond as soon as you make your call to  954.947 BEES (2337).. Call us today and be wasp free tomorrow.