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South Florida is a breeding ground for flying and stinging pests, and one of the most aggravating of these pests is the wasp. Wasps are dangerous insects that cause fear in most people when they see them. They have no fear of human beings, and therefore have no problem building their nests near or even in a home. If you have a wasp problem in your home or on your business property you are cautioned not to attempt resolving this on your own. This requires the experience of a trained professional and you should call the Florida bee expert, The Original Willie the Bee Man. They can be reached at 561.571.BEES (2337) for a free estimate and wasp removal in Twentymile Bend.

The ONE and Only ,The ORIGINAL Willie the Bee Man, Bee removal Specialistsis known as one of the finest professional bee removal companies servicing Twentymile Bend, Florida.

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In the words of Willie himself, I love bees. That is actually what led me into the wasp removal business. I started raising my own bees 18 years ago, and now I am one of the leading experts in the state of Florida on bees, wasps and hornets. I believe these insects are misunderstood, but I certainly understand how they are scary to most people. That is why I am so dedicated to safely removing wasps, bees and hornets from homes in Twentymile Bend and throughout all of South Florida. If you are like me and don’t relish the thought of killing wasps on your property, then get in touch with me to remove them safely and humanely.

Wasps could bee Dangerous

Most people have a natural fear of wasps, but they still do not realize just how dangerous these stinging insects can be. For people who are naturally susceptible to allergies, wasps can even be life-threatening. Someone who has a severe allergic reaction to wasp venom could die if they were stung enough times. This can actually happen when people attempt to remove a wasp nest without knowing what they are doing. The problem is that wasps are very territorial when their nests are attacked. If you try to remove a wasp nest, you need to be prepared for the aggressive way that the wasps will defend it. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times. People who are unprotected can be seriously injured if they provoke the wasps’ fury.

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I hate to see people get hurt when they are attempting to remove wasp nests without the proper expertise. That is why I am so happy to help people get rid of the wasps on their property. I not only get to prevent the homeowner from getting hurt, but I also get to prevent the wasps from getting hurt. This is a win-win scenario that keeps both the people and the wasps out of harm’s way. When you see wasps or a wasps’ nest on your property, do not attempt to remove it on your own. You can avoid the stress and danger of engaging the wasps with a call to Florida’s wasp expert, The Original Willie the Bee Man, to quickly and safely remove the wasps. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.BEES (2337) for a free estimate and wasp removal in Twentymile Bend.