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Bee Extermination in Hallandale Beach

Having bees in a building is dangerous for occupants. A bee exterminator in Hallandale Beach who is an expert is necessary to properly and completely remove this insect from homes and businesses. Exterminating or removing bees requires a knowledgeable professional who understands each species and has the right tools and equipment to finish the job. Homeowners and property managers should never attempt to remove or exterminate stinging insects as they can cause serious injury when their hives are disturbed. Residents of Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida should contact The Original Willie the Bee Man at 1-855-2 No BEES(66 2337) for fast removal or extermination of stinging insects.

Hire a Bee Exterminator Hallandale Beach Expert

Because there are over 20,000 varieties of bees, hiring an expert is necessary to identify the particular species. This stinging insect is able to fly to new locations to build hives where the population of bees grows quickly. Bees are an important species necessary for the pollination of plants such as flowers, trees and shrubs. Several varieties of this stinging insect have become depleted in numbers including wild honeybees. Because of the decline in various species of bees, a geographic location may encourage removal of a hive to a new location instead of extermination. The Original Willie the Bee Man and his team of trained technicians have the experience required to do the job correctly the first time. Additionally, they are licensed, bonded and insured for your safety.

Why Bees Build Hives in Buildings

Most bee species live in hive colonies built by worker bees. Numerous worker bees surround a queen bee as it lays thousands of eggs. Other bees leave the hive to gather food such as nectar and pollen from plants. As bees travel from plant to plant, pollen is transferred on a bee’s body to help with fertilization of crops. However, the actual purpose of collecting pollen and nectar is to bring this food back to the hive to feed the queen and larvae. Bees normally live in the wild away from people, but loss of natural habitat is leading to hives in buildings. Removing bees from buildings required specific tools and equipment. With decades of experience, The Original Willie the Bee Man has all of the latest equipment that assures a quick and thorough elimination of your problem.

Dangerous Bee Stings

Many people are allergic to bee stings with reactions such as swollen airways and breathing difficulties that require emergency medical treatment. Receiving a sting from a bee is painful due to the injection of a toxin or venom from a sharp barb into the puncture site. Until a bee attacks an individual, there is no way of knowing the exact type of physical reaction that will occur. The services of a bee exterminator Hallandale Beach. professional like The Original Willie the Bee Man are required to protect people from dangerous bee stings. The Original Willie the Bee Man and his team of professionally trained technicians use propriety methods learned through many years of experience to exterminate or remove bees to prevent life-threatening injuries to occupants of a building.

Only Hire Bee Removal Experts

Homeowners or property managers experiencing bee infestations in buildings or outside areas must have fast and efficient service from a licensed pest control specialist to avoid the dangers of injuries from swarming bees. Pest control and bee removal is a specialized skill that requires education and training. Government agencies frequently require pest control experts to have licensing or certification to verify understanding the correct methods to remove and relocate honeybees from buildings, trees and automobiles. A bee exterminator Fort Lauderdale expert such as The Original Willie the Bee Man is available with a phone call to this number 954.947.2337. Call him right now and solve your bee problem today.