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Buzz a Professional Bee Exterminator in North Palm Beach

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility for the upkeep of your property. Many maintenance projects can be scheduled out such as switching air filters, changing smoke alarm batteries or cleaning out rain gutters. What about the “unexpected” problems like a bee infestation? If that happens you need to bring in a professional bee exterminator in North Palm Beach like The original Willie the Bee Man. He didn’t get that title by accident! Willie and his teams know their way around bees and they know how to get rid of bees. Call them today at  561.571.2337 if you see signs of bee infestation in your home.

Bee Basics

On some level, bees are our friends. They help pollinate our plants which is good for the gardens. On the other hand, bees can also turn nasty when their territory is invaded. When challenged, a bee fights back with their natural defenses that are their stingers. It just takes a few unwelcome bees to ruin a backyard BBQ or keep you from enjoying your porch on a cool evening. When the bees around your home get out of control, you need the experience of The original Willie the Bee Man, the leading bee exterminator in North Palm Beach, on your side.

Identifying A Bee Problem

Would you know if you have a bee problem? If you’re out in your garden and notice one or two bees buzzing about you shouldn’t worry. Let them do their “thing” and watch your garden grow. However, if you start to notice several bees at once it could be a sign they have a nest nearby. Their nest could even be in the eaves of your home or garage. Take a walk around your property for a quick inspection. If you see any of those honeycomb structures, it’s a sure sign you’ve got a serious bee problem even if you don’t see any bees there.

The Dreaded Carpenter Bee

You’re probably familiar with the honey bee but have you heard of the carpenter bee? These are the insects that dig into the wood of your home to build their nest. They also do a pretty decent job of keeping theses nests hidden until they grow out of control. You might hear some buzzing without seeing a nest. This could mean that the carpenter bees have burrowed into the inside of your walls to set up shop. If you leave them alone, they will only continue to grow and can cause serious damage to your home. Before that happens, get The original Willie the Bee Man out to your property.

Removing Bees the Right Way

You might be tempted to take care of your bee removal job on your own. When it comes to getting rid of bees you want to leave it to the pros like The original Willie the Bee Man. This is the expert bee exterminator in North Palm Beach who can safely remove those hives and make sure there isn’t a trace left. In some cases, bees can be transported to fields where they can do some good. The goal is to make sure they stop causing problems for you and your family. Call The original Willie the Bee Man today at  561.571.2337 to see how they can get rid of your bees the right way.