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The removal of honeybees is a little bit more of a project than the average person in Canal Point realizes. You may have heard that the honeybees of the world are in danger, but that is not necessarily so. While it is true that hives of domesticated bees are in somewhat of a difficult situation, this is not true of the feral bees that are found in garages, holes in attics, inside walls, trees and the many other places that the bees can find. If you have a bee hive that must be removed it is a dangerous job and you should immediately call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337 as quickly as possible.

Many of the colonies of bees in the South Florida region have Africanized, or Killer Bees, which look just the same as the European bees that are of the tamer variety and more well known to most people. It is when the young bees are just beginning to move about after having been born from the queen, that the Africanized bees become dangerous. When they swarm, they will attack nearly anything that moves with sometimes up to 100,000 bees. Being stung so many times will bring about the death of nearly anything living such as dogs, horses, and even humans.

The Original Willie the Bee Man has been in the business of eradicating swarming bees for the past 18 years. He says that since most people cannot tell by looking at the bees whether or not they are killer bees or domesticated, the only alternative is to eradicate the bees and the hive. This is very dangerous work, but it is completely necessary to eliminate the chance of damage or injury to people and animals. The Original Willie the Bee Man is the most professional and experienced source of bee removal that Canal Point has to offer and he is available to speak to you right away at 561.571.2337.

Many people are not aware that if bees from their property injure or kill livestock, pets and other animals, or people, then they are held responsible under the law because they did nothing about the removal of the bees. It is not enough to seal off the beehive, because the bees can dig their way out. If poisoning is attempted, it can cause harm to nearby birds animals, and it still may not get them all.

The only solution is to eradicate, or kill the bees and seal and fill the cavity where the bees had their hive. The hive must be removed as well, because in warm weather it will melt and can stain the interior walls of a house and cause a different, potentially even worse set of problems.

It takes special training and certification for a person to be able to take care of a bee problem where honeycombs can sometimes weigh up to 100 pounds or more. Special training and skills are required to ensure that the proper procedures are used. The Original Willie the Bee Man is the best source of bee removal in Canal Point because he has specialized equipment to get the job done right the first time. The Original Willie the Bee Man is also licensed, bonded and insured.

If you see a hive or a swarm of bees, do not attempt anything on your own, call The Original Willie the Bee Man at  561.571.2337 as quickly as possible and protect all of those around you.