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We tend to think of beehives in controlled bee farm environments. We know enough to steer clear of the occasional tree hive especially after the migration of the aggressive Africanized bees into North America. It isn’t often we think that bees will take to building a hive inside our homes! Of course it is never in a place that would be obvious. Bees are smart enough to locate in areas that do not get much attention from interfering humans. For this reason, it is often not until the hive is well-established that their presence will be unmistakably clear. Don’t wait till you see an angry swarm-cloud comprised of hundreds or thousands of bees. As soon as you think that you might have a bee problem, call us for fast service at 561.571.BEES(2337). We provide bee hive removal in Juno Ridge  for homes and businesses needing professional guaranteed results.

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All of us at The original Willie the Bee Man, Inc. bring 18 years of expert experience in skilled and careful bee removal and wasp removal. A family that discovered swarming bees had no clue the entire colony was located within the walls of their house, but they called us to check it out. We were able to show where the few that gathered underneath the eaves were actually pointing to the entrance. It was when we accessed the interior structure and exposed a network of honeycombs that the reality literally hit home. How could this happen? It occurs more often than most people know.

What Does it Take to Get Rid of Bees?

A local business person had called us as a bee exterminator for bee hive removal from a tree on the property. It had only been a couple of days in which it had gone from a very small mud-ball to a massive cone shaped hive dropping down from the branch. Upon careful examination, we were able to uncover another massive hive in the hollow of another tree that served as the offshoot for the newly visible hive. The larger beehive had been established for at least a year by the size and scope. This also explained their “branching out.” As bee environmentalists, whenever it is possible, we try to preserve the bees for release in nature away from human population so they can continue to perform nature’s much-needed work.

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Whether you are a homeowner or run a business in Miami-Dade County, the threat of bee invasion in and around your property is one to take seriously. You may never know who will fall prey to the life-threatening effects of anaphylactic shock until a sting occurs. Believe it or not, property owners aware of beehives that do not get rid of bees or wasps that may harm others can be liable for damages. Turn to The original Willie the Bee Man in Palm Beach County at 561.571. BEES( 2337) for the bee hive removal Juno Ridge can trust.