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The original Willie the Bee Man is Number 1 for Beehive Removal in Lauderhill

Beehive Removal KendallThe original Willie the Bee Man offers the most complete beehive removal Lauderhill, along with service in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. In Lauderhill, bees move into the walls of structures and build beehives, creating major problems. Residents and business owners appreciate how delicate beehive removal is. Only an experienced technician can understand all their tricks and rid structures of bees. A licensed and insured technician like the original Willie the Bee Man does the best job. Willie has had amazing experiences over the years. Whatever your beehive removal need in Lauderhill is, give us a call today at 954.947.2337.

Highly Trained and Certified Team

In Lauderhill, getting rid of bees requires an expert contractor. Whether your job is big or small, it requires a highly trained and certified team like The original Willie the Bee Man’s staff to use their technical expertise to tackle your job. The original Willie the Bee Man specializes in bee removal, beehive removal and wasp removal. That includes removing bees from walls and other hard to reach places. We have the necessary certification and licensing required in the State of Florida to do the job. We are certified to handle fumigators, commercial RUP, fertilizer and landscape maintenance problems that arise when removing beehives. When you hire The original Willie, you not only get an expert removal service, but we also take good care of your property. We offer fast, efficient service with the right priorities.

Years of Experience

For 18 years, The original Willie the Bee Man has removed bees and beehives from residential and commercial properties in Key Largo, and over the years, he has become the community’s answer to beehive problems, regardless of the job. Trained to take on the Africanized honey bee, Willie became the first certified expert technician in the State of Florida to remove killer bees. Willie shares his knowledge with others in many educational settings. He is Florida’s educator, whether he is training professional technicians or sharing his knowledge with schoolchildren. Our service includes a dozen technicians and a fleet of nine vehicles devoted to removing nasty beehive problems.

Contact The original Willie the Bee Man

If you are having trouble with bees or beehives, we want to help. Contact us and explain your bee problem. We will help you get it under control. Check out our website and start exploring. We have an easy 4-step process for ridding your property of beehives. Since you’re at the website, fill out a work order. We’ll come out to your property quickly and deal with your problem. We are one of the largest bee removal companies in Florida. If you’re looking for bee removal Lauderhill, the time is now to give The original Willie the Bee Man a call in Lauderhill at 954.947.2337.