Bee Removal

Miami-Dade County

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 Bee Removal 

Bee Removal Miami GardensMiami-Dade County residents should stay alert for bee infestations. Although honey bee populations have been decreasing across the United States, dangerous Africanized bees have continued to populate Florida and other southern states. Africanized bees, also known as killer bees, are an aggressive strain of bees that first appeared in the United States in the 1990s. The original Willie the Bee Man has the experience and equipment to safely eradicate infestations to keep you and your family safe. With almost two decades of providing superior service to area residents, we offer the best protection against hazardous bee infestations on or near your property. For bee removal in Miami-Dade County, call us at 305.933.2337 right away.

The Dangers of Africanized Bees

Killer bees have the same amount of venom as regular honey bees, but they attack in much larger numbers in response to even minor provocation. For example, the sound of a lawnmower or laughing has been known to draw an entire swarm from its hive. While honey bees may not chase far, Africanized bees will give chase for the length of a football field or longer. Because they can fly in excess of 15 miles per hour, even the fastest runner will have difficulty escaping if he or she is unfortunate enough to draw the attention of these pests. By contacting us as soon as you spot an infestation, you can have peace of mind about your property being free of bees in the near future.

A Hazard for Professionals to Handle

Because of the dangers associated with Africanized bees, homeowners should never try to get rid of them on their own. It’s best to call The original Willie the Bee Man as we are prepared to deal with this hazard. Africanized bees can quickly build a huge colony that presents a major risk to animals, children and adults in the area. Besides the very real threat of injury or death to you and your loved ones, these pests could also cause legal problems for you if they were to attack others after you were aware of their presence. The state of Florida recommends that homeowners contact a bee exterminator as soon as they know of a bee infestation, making bee removal services essential for your health as well as legal safety now and in the future.

Contact Us Today

Our certification as Africanized bee removal experts ensures that you can count on your safety after contacting us. Along with bee removal, we also handle wasp removal at affordable prices. It is no wonder that The original Willie the Bee Man has a reputation as the foremost bee exterminator in South Florida. Owners of homes and businesses continue to rely on our expertise when Africanized bees threaten their health and livelihood. Our status as licensed, bonded and insured exterminators demonstrates our dedication to providing high-quality service to residents throughout the South Florida area. When it comes to bee removal Miami-Dade County can count on us to complete the job quickly and safely. Contact us today at 305.933.2337 to learn more or request our services.