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Bee Hive Removal West Palm BeachWe’ve all seen movies about “killer bees” and laughed at those old Bee Movies, but Africanized honeybees are no joke! Africanized honeybees are a hybrid, resulting from the cross of the docile western and European honeybees, these bees are extremely aggressive in temperament and reproduction. Worst of all, they’re infesting South Florida by the millions. If you need bee hive removal in Pembroke Park, this is a dangerous job requiring a professional like The Original Willie the Bee Man. The Original Willie the Bee Man is licensed and insured and can be reached immediately at 954.947.BEES( 2337).

Just this year, the state of Florida has seen attacks of Africanized bees on both the east and west coasts. Pembroke Park is directly in their path which presents a danger if you discover a nest on your property. Though attacks so far have been isolated and rare, it’s important to keep a few things in mind if you discover them on your property.


The signs of a bee infestation are clear. If you see several bees hovering near your house, going in and out of a small hole, there’s likely a hive inside your walls. You’re not just in physical danger, but also in danger of property damage that can be very expensive. Pembroke Park gets very hot during certain months, which can cause honeycombs to melt and seep into plaster and siding.

Bees can also establish hives under empty buckets, in garages, roofs, eaves, and trees and shrubs in your yard. A few bees, lingering in one of these areas, may be a sign of thousands more. Worst of all, Africanized bees can take over native honeybee nests, killing their queen and establishing their own. An Africanized queen can produce as many as 2,000 eggs per day, so you can get an idea of just how many might be expanding in the space beneath their tiny entrance hole. Bees can be a serious problem and if you need bee hive removal in Pembroke Park, you need the professional technicians from The Original Willie the Bee Man.

Once you’ve discovered the problem, please don’t try to handle it yourself. Africanized bees defend their hives with a vengeance. Stay clear and call a professional to remove the hive, especially if you’re allergic to bee stings. When Africanized bees attack, they do it in great numbers.

Call The Original Willie the Bee Man!

When it comes to bee hive removal Pembroke Park residents have no better resource. It’s all we do, and our services are fast, thorough, professional and safe. We’ll find out where the bees are getting in, and we have the equipment needed to look inside the walls to establish the size and scope of the hive. We treat your property respectfully, doing as little damage to walls and siding as possible. We seal up their points of entry to make sure no bees can get back in.

Once we remove the honeycombs, honey and bees, we dispose of them for you, leaving you and your home safe once again. For bee hive removal Pembroke Park homeowners and commercial real estate owners have relied on our services for many years. We are recognized as a regional expert in bee hive removal. Call the expert bee exterminators at The Original Willie the Bee Man right away at 954.947.BEES( 2337).

As a final note, remember that western and European honeybees don’t usually congregate near human. Always assume the hive you’ve discovered in your walls or siding is Africanized, and always call us for a fast resolution to your problem!