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Having a beehive on your property or inside of your home or business isn’t just an inconvenience; it is a dangerous threat. Trying to remove a beehive is particularly dangerous if you do not have the proper equipment and safety clothing. It is almost a sure bet that bees will swarm and come after you when you disturb their home. Fortunately, The Original Willie the Bee Man is one of the most experienced bee experts in Florida and is available for beehive removal in Port Everglades. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man today at 954.947.2337 and they will send one of their professionally trained and certified bee specialists to provide you with a free estimate and resolve your beehive problem right away.

Bees are Naturally Defensive

Bees are bred to be defensive creatures and protect their hive and queen. Even the varieties that are not known to be especially aggressive will become aggressive if they think that their hive is in danger. The newer Africanized variety is extremely aggressive and can attack without being provoked. This means that just stumbling upon them accidentally can result in an attack, especially if they have already been agitated by something or someone else. Don’t take a chance with any type of bee. The Original Willie the Bee Man has 9 fully equipped vehicles that are specifically outfitted for beehive removal in Port Everglades.

Beehive Removal Experts

Nearly two decades ago, The Original Willie the Bee Man started as a bee hobbyist and registered beekeeper. His interests in this unusual hobby lead to friends and neighbors asking him to remove their beehives. As word spread, he quit teaching and beehive removal became a full time passion. Now, The Original Willie the Bee Man as a company has expanded with a large qualified staff and nine vehicles that are fully equipped to get rid of bees. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured; and they keep up on the latest bee extermination trends.

Call The Original Willie the Bee Man Today

There are many reasons to choose The Original Willie the Bee Man for beehive removal in Weston, but the most obvious is that we are simply the best. Willie is still one of the few bee exterminators in the state of Florida to have been trained to deal with the Africanized bees and has received certification of that training. If you need beehive removal in Port Everglades, and want it done properly the first time around, then call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.2337 for fast and efficient service.