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Bee Hive Removal

Professional Beehive Removal

Honeybees and bee hives can be one of the most annoying problems on your property. Today, honeybees are often dangerous and even deadly. With the migration of Africanized “killer” bees to the southern United States, bee hive removal requires a high level of expertise combined with real, practical experience. To get professional advice and service for beehive removal, call The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337 for a free phone estimate and analysis of the problem.

You are Liable for the Bees on Your Property

Failing to hire a professional for beehive removal on your property can cause you to be the victim of a lawsuit. You are legally responsible to get rid of bees that you know are on your property. By contacting a professional service like The Original Willie the Bee Man, you can avoid expensive lawsuits from neighbors swarmed by honeybees and reduce the likelihood that physical injury will result. In addition to a possible law suit, your family and friends are at risk if any of them are allergic to bee stings. Depending on the severity of the allergy, a bee sting can be fatal.

A Beehive is a Messy Problem

Honey is a naturally occurring product of beehives, and honey stains walls and everything it touches. It is sticky and it attracts other insects that will not go away while the honey remains. Often, insects defecate in honey, creating a smelly problem. Other insects will set up shop and stay. The honeycombs and hives can get full of honey and rotting bees, so it’s important to get the entire mess removed by professionals before it begins to leak. Beehives are also complicated structures with labyrinth growth. If they are not completely and fully removed they will continue to grow.

Call The Original Willie the Bee Man

Turning to The Original Willie the Bee Man is the simplest way to avoid a dangerous bee attack. Inspect the property and become aware of the presence of any honeybees, especially in places that bees are likely to set up a hive, like inside a neglected bar-b-q, under an eve, or in the hollow of a tree. Once you have noted the location, do not upset the beehive, call Golden Lakes’s most well respected beehive removal expert; The Original Willie the Bee Man at 561.571.2337. We will come to your property and provide you with a free estimate today.

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Discovering a honey bee infestation on your commercial or residential property can be an intimidating prospect which can quickly turn into a nightmare if not handled correctly. With few exceptions, the only way to to correctly get rid of bees that have established a colony on your property is to contact a bee removal specialist to expose the honey comb and completely remove the hive.

Many companies with less experience in bee removal will offer “Spray and Seal” services with the promise that it will cost less than exposing and removing the honey comb. This basically involves filling the cavity with chemicals and sealing it up without removing the honeycomb and simply praying that the chemicals actually get to the bees. After years of experience and successfully performing tens of thousands of bee removal jobs we know that this doesn’t work!!! In fact the vast majority of the time it makes the problem much worse and in the end most customers, after wasting hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars, end up calling us to properly get rid of the bees.

To learn more about why Spray and Seal doesn’t work,

Spring is here in all its glory! In addition to the flowers blossoming, trees blooming and the birds singing, the honey bees also start swarming. Swarming is when a hive splits by giving birth to a new queen allowing the old queen to take half the hive and start a new home. When dealing with a honey bee swarm,we recommend “that all wild colonies or swarms located in proximity to people or animals should be eradicated by a Pest Control Operator (PCO) trained in honey bee colony eradication and  bee removal.

Further, we recommend that swarm and nesting bee calls not be forwarded to beekeepers but only to trained PCO’s bee removal specialists.”

The reason eradication is recommended is because of the introduction of Africanized “Killer” Honey Bees. As a property owner, you should be aware that should your neighbors, their children or animals be attacked by a colony located on your property that you were aware of but did not take care of, you will be responsible for any harm that results from that attack.

The recommendation to eradicate wild honey bee colonies has created some confusion as people seemed to be getting conflicting messages about honey bees being in trouble. In reality, the is no conflict in the message because the threat to honey bees the public has heard so much about is regarding the managed bee colonies that our beekeepers use for pollination services and honey production. It does not apply to wild or feral hives that have decided to build in your residential or commercial property and can be a threat to the people and humans that may encounter it.

To get professional advice and service for beehive removal, call The Original Willie the Bee Man or Devorah the “Queen Bee” at 564.571.2337  for a free phone estimate and analysis of the problem.