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Bee Hive Removal HollywoodBeehive Removal in Jupiter Inlet Colony

Getting rid of bees is a challenge in any environment. Bees are clever social creatures and are defensive of their hive and the surrounding area. Bee hives can extend into walls, storage areas, attics, ceilings, and anywhere else where the bees can fit. If you have a bee problem and need beehive removal in Jupiter Inlet Colony, do not attempt it yourself; call The Original Willie the Bee Man today at 561.571.BEES( 2337).

Some of the challenges in getting rid of bees include:

  • Accessing difficult to reach areas, such as small attic spaces or within a wall.
  • Exposure to hazardous materials when trying to access the hive. Hazards such as insulation, asbestos, and dust are common.
  • An allergic reaction from a single bee sting can cause death in someone with an allergy to bees. Not everyone knows whether or not they have a bee allergy.


Why DIY Beehive Removal Is Dangerous

Bee hive removal in Hollywood is not a do it yourself project. At The Original Willie the Bee Man, we have the equipment, training and certification to safely remove all sizes of beehives. Trying to tackle a bee problem by yourself could result in serious dangers such as:

  • Exposure to pesticides or insecticides if you try to spray the hive.
  • The risk of getting stung by the bees.
  • The risk of falling off a ladder when trying to access a bee hive.

Our bee removal experts at The Original Willie the Bee Man have all of the necessary safety equipment required for personal protection when getting the bees and beehive out of a house, building, or any other structure.

Reasons for Professional Beehive Removal Service

Our experienced bee removal staff at The Original Willie the Bee Man are family-owned,licensed and insured, and have done it all when it comes to getting rid of beehives. In addition to our knowledge of safe bee removal, there are many additional reasons why you should use our professionals for beehive removal in Jupiter Inlet Colony, including:

  • We offer advice on how you can bee-proof your property to prevent a re-infestation of bees.
  • We take the time to answer your questions about bees and bee hives.
  • We remove honeycomb and the bee hive.
  • You can choose green bee removal, live bee removal, or bee extermination.

Call us for Bee hive Removal in Jupiter Inlet Colony

If you have a beehive on your residential or commercial property, do not risk the possibility of injury or even a lawsuit by someone who is injured on your property. Call The Original Willie the Bee Man now at 561.571.BEES(2337) and your problem can be resolved today.