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The original Willie the Bee Man is a leading and well-known bee exterminator who can help you get rid of bees in Pahokee. Whether it’s a small or large bee infestation at your home or business, Willie and his team will get the job done. If you do not have specific training in bee removal, do not attempt to get rid of bees on your own as this can be a dangerous job. Call us today at 561.571.BEES(2337) and let a specialist handle your bee removal in Pahokee.

Who is The original Willie the Bee Man?

Yes, there really is an original Willie the Bee Man. His name is William A. Sklaroff, and he is a licensed pest control specialist. He is a registered beekeeper who started getting calls from people who were not beekeepers but who needed someone who knew what they were doing to do bee hive removal. He started out as a hobbyist, helping people remove and relocate bees that were in their residences and commercial buildings. Then, he took part in training to become certified in African Honey Bee control. He is a former kindergarten teacher, and as an educator, he continues to educate other bee removal, teaching the community about bee safety, and giving presentations to schools about bees and bee safety.


We’re Licensed, Insured and Qualified

In addition to being licensed for bee removal; our business is also bonded and insured. That’s important, because most jobs don’t involve just finding a completely exposed beehive and simply carrying it away. The original Willie the Bee Man will need to open up parts of the exterior structure in order to expose and reach the hive and all the bees. It takes a trained professional to not just get rid of a bee problem, but to also make the proper repairs afterward. In addition to bee removal, The original Willie the Bee Man will also take care of wasp removal.

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There is a good reason for calling in someone who is experienced and equipped to handle this sort of thing. If you have bees on your property, you will definitely see a few of them flying in and out of a gap in an exterior wall or a small hole underneath the roof. However, what you’re seeing is not the whole story. Inside, there could be thousands and thousands of bees busily building up to 100 pounds of honeycombs. Our clients are often shocked and overwhelmed when we open up that cavity and they finally see what was really going on behind that wall. Remember, the easiest way to get rid of bees in Pahokee is to have The original Willie the Bee Man handle it for you. Call us today at 561.571.BEES(2337) for a free estimate and fast efficient service.

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