GetRidofBees Plantation

Get Rid of Bees Plantation

One thing a homeowner doesn’t want to hear first thing in the morning is bees buzzing around a door frame. That’s a sign that carpenter bees are at work. Their work is to invade your home and build nests in your wood. Get rid of bees in Plantation by calling The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.2337!

Bees and wasps can create nests in a variety of places, depending on the type. Bumble bees build nests on the ground. While they don’t cause a lot of home damage, they can sting if someone accidentally tampers with their nest. Besides the carpenter bees, wasps also build nests in walls, under steps, in corners and in overhangs.

18 Years of Experience

The Original Willie the Bee Man began as a part-time exterminator more than 18 years ago. Since then, the company became a full-time operation and he received more education in specialized areas including Africanized bee control. In fact, The Original Willie the Bee Man was the first bee exterminator in Florida with credentials in Africanized bee control.

Willie says that “We have a staff, called The Buzzy Dozen, and nine trucks to assist homeowners in Plantation and all of Florida with bee removal.” Our staff is licensed, bonded and insured; and they also have training in wasp removal and bee hive removal.


Stings can Hurt

Bee and wasp stings are more than just a few minutes of pain. Some people are highly allergic and one sting can send them to the hospital, or worse, even cause death. Homeowners should protect their family, especially children, and their pets from bee attacks.

Homeowners will not always know when bees or wasps have invaded their homes. Some build nests in hidden spots that aren’t always visible. However, if you pay attention, you will see some fly in patterns in the evening or may hear buzzing notices near a wall. That’s a sign that you need to call a professional bee exterminator like The Original Willie the Bee Man.

Homeowners Can’t Remove Hives

Beehives are difficult to remove because the bees and wasps must be killed quickly before they escape or launch into an attack. They are highly aggressive and will attack. Homeowners need The Original Willie the Bee Man who knows the secrets of proper bee hive removal. Some beehives can become very large and contain thousands of bees or wasps. The number is unknown until the bee hive removal process begins. The Original Willie the Bee Man knows bees, wasps, hornets and all the rest. So, in Plantation, the only number to call is 954.947.2337.