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Bee Removal in WellingtonGet Rid of Bees Wellington

Bees can be an annoying, uninvited guest at your outdoor barbecues and family gatherings. Bees can also be a serious health hazard for those who are allergic to their venom. If you have problems with beehives being built on your property, contact the original Willie the Bee Man to Bee Removal in Wellington.  Reach Willie at 561.571.2337 to help solve your South Florida bee and wasp removal problems.

Bee Species

South Florida homeowners may have problems with three different species of bees. Honeybees are beneficial for pollination of crops and for making honey, but they can become a problem when they build nests on residential properties. They grow to about ½ inch long. Carpenter bees are another type found in South Florida. They grow to about 1-inch long and look much like a bumblebee. These bees drill into natural wood surfaces to make their nests. Africanized bees, also known as “killer bees,” are a type of honeybee also found in South Florida. Although similar in appearance to ordinary honeybees, they behave in a much more aggressive manner and will swarm more easily. An experienced bee exterminator will understand the differences between these different species and will know the best way to eliminate them safety from your property.


Bees make their nests under eaves, in holes in construction materials, in vegetation and even in rock walls on your property. They have a complex social order comprised of three levels, the workers, the drones and the queen. All of the work of the hive centers on the queen, assisting the newborn bees and keeping the hive clean and functional. To eliminate the bees, you must remove the queen and all the other bees that attend her and the newborn bees’ needs. Bee Removal in Wellington, homeowners and those in surrounding areas should call the original Willie the Bee Man for professional service.

Bee and Hive Removal

Proper bee removal is not just removing the existing colony. An experienced bee removal company will also offer hive removal as well. Leaving the hive behind can cause a host of problems even after the bees are gone. The hive can melt on hot days, producing stains on construction materials. The honey within the hives can also attract other insects, making your home a tasty place for ants, roaches and vermin to visit. Removing the hive and closing any voids that may allow other pests to enter can help to keep your home free from further infestation. To get rid of bees in Wellington; residents can count on the original Willie the Bee Man to ensure that you do not have a recurring problem with bees or other pests around your home. To make your South Florida property safer and healthier for outdoor activities, call 561.571.2337. Find out more about bee removal at

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