The Hazards of Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest RemovalA nest of wasps can quickly become a hazard both indoors and out. Wasps can cause dangerous symptoms after stinging anyone who is allergic to the insects.  You need to exercise caution near a nest because wasps will swarm and get aggressive if their nest is disturbed. Getting rid of a wasp nest can be a challenge, particularly if the nest is hidden from sight or is inside the home. Wasps can live inside walls or under the eaves of your home and are common in attics and other undisturbed areas. If you have noticed several wasps on your property, you will want to know more about wasp nest removal in Boca Raton and the rest of South Florida.

The Dangers of Wasp Nests

Wasps are insects that typically live and work together in large numbers. One single nest can contain up to ten-thousand wasps, many of which are females that work on making the nest larger. Older, more established wasp nests will often have larger numbers of wasps, making it vital to seek professional wasp removal services as soon as you notice that there is a problem. Removing a wasp nest can be very difficult if it is in a hidden area or inside the home. You will definitely want to take precautions until the nest is safely removed if there is anyone living in the home; particularly anyone with allergies to wasp stings.

Using Caution Around Nests

The average wasp has the ability to sting but not all wasps live in large colonies. You will need to know the type of wasp that you have on your property to determine whether you have a large nest or if you are dealing with a solitary species of the insect. For instance, black wasps typically live alone and won’t pose a problem during removal. Red wasps and hornets are social species and often live in large colonies that are extremely dangerous to remove without professional expertise. Only a professional can properly identify the species, so you are cautioned to stay away from any nest that you suspect contains a colony of wasps.

Removing the Danger

The best method of wasp nest removal in Boca Raton starts with the resident not attempting  to remove  it on there own and seek help from a professional who has experience with removing wasps and other bees. Since wasps may swarm when the nest is disturbed it can be very hazardous to try to eliminate the problem without help. Wasps can be found in the ground and in other places that make it nearly impossible to determine the size of the nest without having prior experience in nest removal. Taking the time to have the infestation evaluated and professionally removed ensures the nest is totally eliminated from your property, without the dangers of getting stung during the removal.

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