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Wasps are some of the most dreaded insects around, especially when they are plentiful in residential areas. Their ability to sting has produced much fear and concern in the minds of people because of their venom. The best solution to escaping the wrath of the dreadful wasps is to discourage them from being around. If they do invade your space, however, getting rid of them is as easy as calling The Original Willie the Bee Man. We have over 18 years of experience and are the experts in wasp removal in Sea Ranch Lakes and surrounding areas. Call us at 954.947.BEES (2337) today.

Why Call the Experts

As experts in the wasp removal business, we are trained and qualified with all the know-hows. We possess the right equipment and tools required to do the job right. Our standards are effectively and efficiently implemented by our licensed, bonded and insured staff. Equipped with the necessary skills and equipment, we understand how the removal process works and what steps to take. If you are tormented by bees and need a bee exterminator, that is our specialty. Our aim is to keep you and your family from being threatened by unwanted insects that can endanger you.

A Closer Look at Wasps

Wasps exist in thousands of species, all of which can be disastrous in their own right. They have very strong survival skills, especially in sub-tropical climates. This makes wasp removal in Sea Ranch Lakes a priority for residents. There are two main categories of wasps, known as solitary and social. As the names imply, the solitary wasps are loners. However, all their adults are reproducers. The social wasps build nests and live in colonies. One colony can contain several thousand at one time which is why you should never attempt to remove them on your own.

In the Minds of Wasps

The Original Willie the Bee Man business has studied the science of wasps, so we know how they “think”. Some of them are parasites and survive on their hosts. They have special egg layers that lay eggs in the host’s body. Only some of them sting, but the ones that don’t are still a nuisance. The social wasps usually feed on fruit and nectar, so they are attracted to environments that support their diet. The Original Willie the Bee Man specializes in keeping your environment free of wasps.

Before the Wasp Invasion

An invasion of wasps in or near a residential area is one of the most dreaded experiences. Their presence creates much fear due to their destructive habits. There is never any telling when they can swarm into a space that is occupied by humans and pets. The Original Willie the Bee Man and his team offer the ultimate protection. Armed with all their wasp removal gear, they can rid any area of these pests. The size of the job does not matter because no job is too big or too small for our team. To experience the best in bees, hornets and wasp removal in Sea Ranch Lakes, buzz us today at 954.947.BEES (2337).