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Wasps are social insects that have a useful place in nature. They do not however belong in your home or business. If you have a bee or wasp problem and think that you might need wasp removal in Plantation, call The Original Willie the Bee Man today at 1-855-5 No BEES (66 2337) for a free estimate and immediate service.

Wasps are predators of many other insects that can damage crops and cause diseases. However, wasps can become a nuisance when they decide to set up housekeeping in a house, apartment building, business, or any other structure that people use. Wasps are defensive of their nests and they release pheromones that attract even more wasps when they feel threatened. A wasp can sting multiple times, and the stings are extremely painful.

The Dangers of Wasp Infestations

A wasp infestation is especially dangerous when it occurs in a home or building where people live and work. The wasps can become easily disturbed and aggressive if a person decides to poke at or otherwise disturb the nest. Some of the dangers of wasp infestations include:

  • Structural damage to the home or building
  • The risk of stings
  • Wasps are attracted to food and drinks, and may attack if a person tries to eat or drink the food or beverage they are visiting


Reasons to Hire Professional Wasp Removal Specialists

Locating a wasps’ nest is difficult. Wasps often build nests in the ground or within a difficult to reach wall or roof. Accessing this area to get rid of the insects can be a challenge to a person unfamiliar with the process. At The Original Willie the Bee Man, we have years of experience in eradicating wasps from all types of places. Whether it’s a nest underneath a deck or patio or a nest built into the wall or rooftop of a home, we have the necessary tools, safety equipment, and knowledge to get the job done right the first time so that you, your family, customers, and visitors can be safe in your home or business.

Professional Wasp Removal Services

If you’ve found wasps in a tree, building, your home, or around another structure, or suspect you have a wasp nest on your property, then you should call us as soon as possible. We offer prompt wasp removal services throughout the Plantation area. We arrive with everything needed to completely get rid of a wasp nest of any size in any location on your property. Hiring our staff at The Original Willie the Bee Man to get rid of your wasps offers benefits including:

  • Saves you time from trying to unsuccessfully do it yourself
  • Keeps you safe from poisons
  • Keeps you safe from getting stung by the wasps
  • Eliminates your risk of getting hurt trying to find or get rid of a wasps’ nest

When you need wasp removal in Plantation, call us at The Original Willie the Bee Man today at 1-855-5 No BEES (66 2337).