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Many varieties of bees can be a threat to people and pets. Africanized bees are a particular threat because of their aggressive nature. Unfortunately, Florida offers the warm, humid environment that these pests love. If you have a bee or wasp problem in your home or at your business, you are cautioned against taking action on your own. If you are not properly trained and equipped, any attempt to disrupt a beehive or nest can result in serious injuries. If you need a bee exterminator in Coconut Creek

, then call the Florida bee expert, The Original Willie the Bee Man at 954.947.2337. We will provide you with a written quote and be ready to begin getting rid of your bees right away.

Important Facts Regarding Africanized Bees

Africanized bees, often called “killer bees,” are aptly named considering their aggressive nature at the slightest provocation. The United States first saw infestations of Africanized bees in Texas in 1985, and these bees have continued to spread in the years since. Florida is now host to the Africanized bees, and authorities have recognized the serious threat they present. While the venom of a single Africanized bee is no more serious than that of a regular honey bee, it is far more dangerous because it quickly signals the rest of the swarm to sting. This means that Africanized bees can be deadly even for those who are not allergic to bee stings.

The Value of Specialized Bee Exterminators

The hazard of dealing with all types of bees is so great that you should never attempt to get rid of a swarm or beehive on your own. The Original Willie the Bee Man has a reputation as the bee exterminator Weston residents and businesses can count on. Don’t risk being attacked by a swarm of bees or wasps. With a combination of professional equipment and extensive training and experience, The Original Willie the Bee Man  can take care of your bee problem quickly and efficiently. We also offer wasp removal services to keep your property free of all types of wasps and hornets. When dealing with flying stinging pests, you need the professional services of The Original Willie the Bee Man.

An Efficient and Specialized Solution

If you suspect that you may have a beehive or a bee or wasps nest on your property do not put yourself in harm’s way by taking matters into your own hands. Safe removal of stinging pests requires a bee exterminator in Weston that has the correct equipment and safety gear. The Original Willie the Bee Man has over 18 years of experience and a team of well trained technicians that are licensed and insured. Call us today at 954.947.2337 for a no obligation quote to remove your bees or wasps and make your property safe again.