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Bee Removal Coral GablesExpert Bee Removal in Coral Gables

Bees play an essential role in the survival of humanity because they pollinate the vast majority of flowering crops; crops that produce a huge amount of food found in the human diet. While bees are extremely important to life on Earth, they don’t always co-exist peacefully with humans. Bees sometimes set up residence in our homes without a welcome, and most species can be very dangerous to allergic individuals. If you’re having bee problems and need bee removal in Coral Gables, please call 305-933-2337 for the original Willie the Bee Man. Willie is an industry expert in bee removal methods, and here’s why you can count on him for all your bee problems.

Willie and his Team are Experienced Professionals

The original Willie the Bee Man has been around the buzzing creatures all his life. He developed a fascination for bees at an early age, and this passion for bees led him to become a bee hobbyist–a job that involves maintaining bee hives swarming with stinging bees. Having enjoyed the work so much, Willie became a registered beekeeper nearly two decades ago and quickly developed a reputation for himself by doing local jobs. In 2004, Willie traveled to California to complete training on Africanized bees and became the first certified expert in the handling of Africanized bees in Florida. He joined the Africanized Honey Bee Task Force soon after.


No job is too big or Small for Willie and his Team

No matter what species of bee you’re having a problem with; Willie has a solution for you. Willie’s expertise in bee handling allows him to design specific bee removal methods for each type. Honey bees, wasps, hornets, and even Africanized bees are no match for him and his team.

To get rid of aggressive bees, it’s necessary to remove the queen and entire hive. Hives are usually very complex structures that extend far deeper into an area than what is seen from the outside. Without proper removal, bees can return in greater quantity to put your entire family in harm’s way.

Servicing all of South Florida

Florida is home to more bees and bee species than most other places in the US. Fortunately, you can call Willie for assistance no matter where you are within the region. Need bee removal in Coral Gables? No problem. Want a bee exterminator in Belle Glade? You can call Willie. Just found a massive beehive in your Pompano Beach garage? Don’t fear. The original Willie the Bee Man will go wherever there are bees.

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There are dozens of testimonials and videos of excellent hive removal work displayed on Willie’s website. If you don’t believe the hype, maybe a friend or neighbor can convince you that Willie is the real deal.

Bees are awesome creatures, but when they invade your space, they can create a whole lot of issues. Stings can prove fatal for those who are seriously allergic to the venom, so don’t waste any time in contacting The original Willie the Bee Man if you’ve got an infestation. If you require bee removal in Coral Gables, pick up the phone, and call 305-933-2337 now!